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Roadmap: NBviewer

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NBviewer Roadmap

Future plan for nbviewer.


Finish nbconvert, probably have it merge into ipython or self installable.


  • Think of the url scheme, and the services we want to expose.
  • Think about caching/ and the frameworks we want to use (keep flask? look at Flask Blueprint.)
  • Open a google analytics account ?
  • Do we start storing data about users ?

Actual things to do in order.

  • 0 - Fix the annoying bugs (404/500 cached)
  • 1 - move to mongodb (free postgres is too limited)
  • 2 - Use the new NBconvert class

  • 3 - Write a new jinja template for nbconvert.

    • that does only include notebook body
    • include the notebook css in the header of nbviewer itself
  • 4 Include boostrap menubar with different actions
    • share on twitter, fork, share on G+

Other stuff I want to do

  • Licence in footer (nb extension + metadata)
  • Authors in footer (nb extension + metadata)
  • Use twitter "cards" and Google+ "snippet"
  • Integrate small screencapture tool using my boiling-chamber heroku app
  • List all user gists that are ipynb files
  • List the more popular/viewed ipynb files

Discussion on few point :

  • subdomain vs url for different services :
    • more robust to faillure.
    • independant update
    • load balance traffic
    • less expensive
    • Could we share some cache and data ?
  • url scheme :
    • / main page
    • /[prefix]/, some [prefix] should be reserved at our usage.
      • static
      • faq
      • contact
      • url
      • urls
      • help
      • github?
      • gist?
      • others?
      • /[numbers], keep for backward compatibility with before
      • /u/[username]/ list of user gist
      • /g/[username]/ list of user repos (browsable)
      • /u/[username]/number corresponding gist if tree, browsable if blob
    • some place to download bookmarklet/notebook extensions
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