Source code for our FG'17 paper: "Pose for Action - Action for Pose"
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Source code for our FG'17 paper:

Umar Iqbal, Martin Garbade, Juergen Gall
Action for Pose - Pose for Action
IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG) 2017.

For more information visit


Installation Instructions
  1. Clone repository
    $ git clone --recursive
  2. Download models
    $ cd data
    $ ./
  3. Download and build Caffe. Follow Caffe building instructions.
    You may also need to run the following commands to connect Caffe with the code using CMake.
    $ cd [caffe_dir]
    $ mkdir cmake_build && cd cmake_build
    $ cmake .. -DBUILD_SHARED_LIB=ON
    $ cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release   
    $ make -j 12 && make install          
  4. Build the code
$ cd demo_PennAction && mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
  1. Running
$ ./bin/demo_PennAction config_file.txt

Parameters in Config file:

  • save: set to True if you want to save the poses in a text file. The text file will be stored in cache folder. Set it to False if you only want to visualize the results.
  • Other parameters are self explanatory.


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