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Accelerating cryptofinance: proof-of-stake validator company operating Cosmos Hub and Terra

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  1. Application microframework with command-line option parsing, configuration, error handling, logging, and shell interactions

    Rust 459 30

  2. A collection of open source Rust crates from iqlusion

    Rust 226 32

  3. Tendermint KMS: Key Management System for Tendermint Validators

    Rust 98 39

  4. Bare metal Rust support for USB armory MkII devices

    Rust 54 4

  5. Pure Rust YubiKey host-side driver for PIV-based RSA/ECC key storage + signing/encryption support

    Rust 120 7

  6. Pure Rust client for YubiHSM2 devices

    Rust 30 4


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