IQRF DPA library for uC (Arduino, chipKIT and others)
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The cLibDPA-MCU library intended usage is to provide programming language means for communication between MCU and TR module, equipped with the firmware supporting the DPA framework.

The library implementation is based on encapsulation of DPA commands, sent from MCU to TR module, into programming language's functions. More detailed information about DPA framework and commands are in document "IQRF DPA framework, Technical Guide".

These boards 1, 2 can be used to interface DCTR modules to a control unit.


  • intended for communication with DCTR-7xD modules
  • intended for both DPA coordinator and node
  • supported DPA frameworks: 3.x
  • supported communication interfaces: SPI, UART
  • supported programming languages: C for MCU
  • lightweight and easy to use
  • well documented with examples for SPI and UART


The best way how to install this library is to download a latest package or use a platformio:

platformio lib install "cLibDPA-MCU"

Compatibility table

MCU Works Boards
Atmega168 @ 16MHz Arduino Duemilanove, Decimalia
Atmega328 @ 16MHz Arduino Uno, Nano, Mini
Atmega32u4 @ 16MHz Arduino Leonardo, Micro
Atmega2560 @ 16MHz Arduino Mega 2560
ATSAM3X8E @ 84MHz Arduino Due
PIC32MX320F128H @ 80MHz chipKIT Uno32
PIC32MX340F512H @ 80MHz chipKIT uC32
Atmega32u4 @ 16MHz Teensy 2.0
AT90USB1286 @ 16MHZ Teensy 2.0++
MK20DX256 @ 72MHZ Teensy 3.1 / 3.2


The pointer to struct T_DPA_PACKET is used for communication between user's application and the library. The definition of T_DPA_PACKET can be found in the file dpa_library.h. If the user wishes to use the services of the library, the files dpa_library.c, dpa_library.h and dpa.h must be included in user's project. If the user wishes to use Arduino like a gateway from Ethernet to IQRF network, and use of JSON communication structure defined in JsonStructureDpa-v1 (support for "raw" and "raw-hdp" format), it also needs to include dpa_json.c and dpa_json.h files into his project. Use of the support of JSON extension, we can see in MQTT example MQTT.ino.

To proper function of library, the following conditions must be met.

  • select the communication interface in the dpa_library.h header file
Bus Macro
  • enable or disable library extension for uploading new custom DPA handler of firmware to DCTR-7xD modules
Extension Macro
  • in case of using support of JSON extension, we should define in dpa_json.h file, size of three buffers.
Macro Function
#define JSON_MSG_ID_BUFF_SIZE Defines size of buffer, to store msgid string
#define JSON_REQUEST_BUFF_SIZE Defines size of buffer, to store DPA request from user
#define JSON_OBJECT_BUFF_SIZE Defines size of buffer for creating of JSON response

Due to small size of RAM memory of Arduino UNO, the defauls set of JSON_OBJECT_BUFF_SIZE is 384 bytes. It allows us, use of simple DPA packets with limited size of additional data bytes. In case of use of Arduino Leonardo or MEGA we can change the setting to 512 or 640 bytes, and it allows us to use full set of possibilities defined in JsonStructureDpa-v1.

If we also using the library PubSubClient, for communication with MQTT broker (mosquitto for example), we must set the value MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE, in PubSubClient.h file, equal to JSON_OBJECT_BUFF_SIZE.

  • implement functions to transfer of 1B to TR module via selected communication interface and deselect module if using SPI interface
Bus Function
SPI uint8_t dpaSendSpiByte(uint8_t TxByte)
SPI void dpaDeselectTRmodule(void)
UART void dpaSendUartByte(uint8_t TxByte)
UART uint8_t dpaReceiveUartByte(uint8_t *RxByte)
  • in case of using STORE CODE extension, implement function to read 1B from selected open file on storage media. Inside this function, user should call dpaIncFileByteCounter() macro, whenever a byte is read from the file.
Extension Function
STORE CODE uint8_t dpaReadByteFromFile(void)
  • call the function void dpaLibraryDriver(void) with 150us period. It is recommended to call the function in the interrupt.
  • initialize the library by calling following function first:
void dpaInit(T_DPA_ANSWER_HANDLER dpaAnswerHandler); // dpaAnswerHandler is user's function which is called by the library after asynchronous packet reception from DPA framework

API functions

  • void dpaInit(T_DPA_ANSWER_HANDLER dpaAnswerHandler) - dpaAnswerHandler is user's function which is called by the library after asynchronous packet reception from DPA framework.

  • void dpaLibraryDriver(void) - The brief description of this function is in the paragraph Integration.

  • uint8_t dpaSendRequest(T_DPA_PACKET *DpaRequest, uint8_t DataSize, uint16_t Timeout) - The function sends DPA request to TR module via selected interface. The user fills the T_DPA_PACKET struct, defines size of additional data in the DPA request (if any) and Timeout of opperation in ms. By additional data are meant bytes which follows after DPA request header NAdr, PNum, PCmd and HwProfile. Some DPA requests require the additional data. The function must be called periodically, if returns code DPA_OPERATION_IN_PROGRESS. Periodically function calling is necessary end, when returns one of the following return codes:

    • DPA_OPERATION_OK - operation OK, answer to our request is in T_DPA_PACKET struct
    • DPA_OPERATION_TIMEOUT - operation timeout
    • DPA_CONFIRMATION_ERR - operation ERROR, coordinator doesn't confirm our request
    • DPA_RESPONSE_ERR - operation ERROR, TR module returned an unexpected response
    • DPA_TR_MODULE_NOT_READY - operation ERROR, TR module is not ready
  • uint8_t dpaMakeConfigurationCRC(T_DPA_PACKET *DpaRequest) - Function calculates the CRC of the new configuration data for TR module.

  • void dpaSuspendDriver(void) - Temporary suspend DPA comunication driver. Function is used, if we need to temporary suspend DPA communication driver, in case of sharing the SPI bus between TR module and other device (SD card for example).

  • void dpaRunDriver(void) - Run temporary suspended DPA communication driver again.

  • void dpaIncFileByteCounter(void) - The brief description of this function is in the paragraph Integration.

  • uint8_t dpaGetRxExtraDataSize(void) - Function returns size of additional data block in DPA response packet, received from TR module.

  • bool dpaWasConfirmed(void) - The function returns true, if the last DPA request was confirmed by DPA coordinator.

  • bool dpaWasResponsed(void) - The function returns true, if the library received DPA response to last DPA request.

  • bool dpaGetConfirmationData(void) - The function returns pointer to buffer, which contains 11 bytes of last DPA confimation packet.

  • uint32_t dpaGetRequestTs(void) - The function returns content of 32 bit system timer (number of ms from device start), captured in time of sending DPA request packet.

  • uint32_t dpaGetConfirmationTs(void) - The function returns content of 32 bit system timer (number of ms from device start), captured in time of receiving DPA confirmation packet.

  • uint32_t dpaGetResponseTs(void) - The function returns content of 32 bit system timer (number of ms from device start), captured in time of receiving DPA response packet.

  • uint8_t dpaStoreCodeToEeeprom(T_DPA_CODE_FILE_INFO *CodeFileInfo) - Function ensures the storing of code image from IQRF or HEX file with the new custom DPA handler, or firmware for DCTR-7xD module. The user fills the T_DPA_CODE_FILE_INFO struct, with the information necessary to store code image. Then the function must be called periodically, until returns DPA_STORE_CODE_SUCCESS, or DPA_STORE_CODE_ERROR.

API functions (JSON support module)

  • void jsonInit(void) - Initialize of JSON support module in DPA library.
  • uint8_t jsonParse(T_DPA_PACKET *DpaPacket, uint8_t *DataBuffer, uint8_t DataBufferSize) - Parse DPA request packet from JSON message. Function fills the T_DPA_PACKET struct, with data from JSON message in buffer DataBuffer. Size of JSON message is defined in variable DataBufferSize. Function returns result of the operation.
    • JSON_PARSE_OK - operation OK, DPA request is ready in T_DPA_PACKET struct
    • JSON_PARSE_ERROR - in case of wrong format of JSON message
  • uint16_t jsonCreate(uint8_t *DataBuffer, T_DPA_PACKET *DpaResponse, uint8_t DpaOperationResult) - Create JSON message from received DPA packet. DataBuffer is pointer to buffer with generated JSON message. T_DPA_PACKET structure contains DPA notification or response data. DpaOperationResult contains result of dpaSendRequest(... ) function. Function returns size of created JSON message. If function jsonCreate returns 0, the JSON message was not created, due to its size is bigger then size of DataBuffer defined in the JSON_OBJECT_BUFF_SIZE macro.
  • uint16_t jsonGetTimeout(void) - Get the timeout parameter from JSON message ( used in dpaSendRequest(... ) function ).
  • uint8_t jsonGetDataSize(void) - Get the number of additional data bytes of DPA request in JSON message ( used in dpaSendRequest(... ) function ).


This library is licensed under Apache License 2.0:

Copyright 2015-2017 IQRF Tech s.r.o.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.