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Please edit settings.json, not settings.json.template
// name your instance!
"title": "IQUIDUS",
"address": "",
// coin name
"coin": "Darkcoin",
// coin symbol
"symbol": "DRK",
// logo
"logo": "/images/logo.png",
// Optional header logo - change false to e.g. "/images/headerlogo.png"
"headerlogo": false,
// favicon
"favicon": "public/favicon.ico",
// Uses bootswatch themes (
// Valid options:
// Cerulean, Cosmo, Cyborg, Darkly, Flatly, Journal, Litera, Lumen,
// Lux, Materia, Minty, Pulse, Sandstone, Simplex, Sketchy, Slate,
// Solar, Spacelab, Superhero, United, Yeti
// theme (see /public/themes for available themes)
"theme": "Cyborg",
// port to listen for requests on.
"port" : 3001,
// database settings (MongoDB)
"dbsettings": {
"user": "iquidus",
"password": "3xp!0reR",
"database": "explorerdb",
"address": "localhost",
"port": 27017
//update script settings
"update_timeout": 10,
"check_timeout": 250,
"block_parallel_tasks": 1,
// wallet settings
"use_rpc": true,
"wallet": {
"host": "localhost",
"port": 9332,
"username": "darkcoinrpc",
"password": "123gfjk3R3pCCVjHtbRde2s5kzdf233sa"
// confirmations
"confirmations": 40,
// language settings
"locale": "locale/en.json",
// menu settings
"display": {
"api": true,
"markets": true,
"richlist": true,
"twitter": true,
"facebook": false,
"googleplus": false,
"youtube": false,
"search": true,
"movement": true,
"network": true,
// Settings to switch navbar theme, leaving both false will use the 'primary' navbar
"navbar_dark": false,
"navbar_light": false
// index page (valid options for difficulty are POW, POS or Hybrid)
"index": {
"show_hashrate": true,
// Show Market Cap in header
"show_market_cap": false,
// Show Market Cap in place of price box
"show_market_cap_over_price": false,
"difficulty": "POW",
"last_txs": 100,
"txs_per_page": 10
// ensure links on API page are valid
"api": {
"blockindex": 1337,
"blockhash": "1733320247b15ca2262be646397d1ffd6be953fa638ebb8f5dcbb4c2b91b34f1",
"txhash": "f270cd3813254c9922a2e222a56ba745842d9112223a1394062e460b33d27b7e",
"address": "RBiXWscC63Jdn1GfDtRj8hgv4Q6Zppvpwb"
// market settings
//included markets: altmarkets, fides, bittrex, poloniex, yobit, bleutrade
//default market is loaded by default and determines last price in header
"markets": {
"coin": "JBS",
"exchange": "BTC",
"enabled": ["bittrex"],
"ccex_key" : "Get-Your-Own-Key",
"default": "bittrex"
// richlist/top100 settings
"richlist": {
"distribution": true,
"received": true,
"balance": true
// movement page settings
// min amount: show transactions greater than this value
// low flag: greater than this value flagged yellow
// high flag: greater than this value flagged red
"movement": {
"min_amount": 100,
"low_flag": 1000,
"high_flag": 5000
// twitter, facebook, googleplus, youtube
"twitter": "iquidus",
"facebook": "yourfacebookpage",
"googleplus": "yourgooglepluspage",
"youtube": "youryoutubechannel",
"genesis_tx": "65f705d2f385dc85763a317b3ec000063003d6b039546af5d8195a5ec27ae410",
"genesis_block": "b2926a56ca64e0cd2430347e383f63ad7092f406088b9b86d6d68c2a34baef51",
//heavy (enable/disable additional heavy features)
"heavy": false,
//disable saving blocks & TXs via API during indexing.
"lock_during_index": false,
//amount of txs to index per address (stores latest n txs)
"txcount": 100,
"txcount_per_page": 50,
//show total sent & received on address page (set false if PoS)
"show_sent_received": true,
// how to calculate current coin supply
// COINBASE : total sent from coinbase (PoW)
// GETINFO : retreive from getinfo api call (PoS)
// HEAVY: retreive from heavys getsupply api call
// BALANCES : total of all address balances
// TXOUTSET : retreive from gettxoutsetinfo api call
"supply": "COINBASE",
// how to acquire network hashrate
// getnetworkhashps: uses getnetworkhashps api call, returns in GH/s
// netmhashps: uses getmininginfo.netmhashpsm returns in MH/s
"nethash": "getnetworkhashps",
// nethash unitd: sets nethash API return units
// valid options: "P" (PH/s), "T" (TH/s), "G" (GH/s), "M" (MH/s), "K" (KH/s)
"nethash_units": "G",
// Address labels
// example : "JhbrvAmM7kNpwA6wD5KoAsbtikLWWMNPcM": {"label": "This is a burn address", "type":"danger", "url":""}
// label (required) = test to display
// type (optional) = class of label, valid types: default, primary, warning, danger, success
// url (optional) = url to link to for more information
"labels": {
// "JSoEdU717hvz8KQVq2HfcqV9A79Wihzusu": {"label": "Developers address", "type":"primary", "url":""},
// "JSWVXHWeYNknPdG9uDrcBoZHztKMFCsndw": {"label": "Cryptsy"}