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Remove VO related packages and libraries #93

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olebole commented Jun 27, 2017

As discussed in #90, the VO resources shall go into a separate package, and then get updated to the latest VO interfaces to make it work again with the current VO infrastructure.

This PR removes the VO from IRAF, with the exception of the libvotable vendor lib: libvotable is self-contained and offers read/write functionality for VOTables. This is quite stable and would be a significant functionality decrease if we would remove it.

So, the following removals are done here:

  • the VO subdir
  • the VOCL package
  • the voclient subdir from vendor (except libvotable)

The PR is tested to build in Travis (after applying all other patches).

This will fix #90.

Functionality we will lose:

  • IMX_FETCH() function and prefetching data if vo_prefetch is set in sys/imio/imt/imxexpand.x
  • VOCL shell, with (f.e.) SAMP functionality (will be moved to an external package)
  • all other VO packages (will be moved to an external package)
  • VO related external programs, like Aladin, Topcat, and their direct call from within IRAF
  • VO related command line utilities, like votget (will me moved to an external package)

olebole added some commits Jun 26, 2017

Add SPP function VX_WRITEFITS()
This function was the only missing VOTABLE related WRITE function. It
will be needed to get rid of the votcopy command.
Use SPP functions for copy instead of calling external program
There is no need to call an external program to use the functionality
that is provided by the library itself. Also, the external program
will be removed.
IMX_FETCH fetches URLs from a list by using votget, which is going to
be removed.
Remove VOCL from IRAF
VOCL is built on top to the VO functionality and should therefore be moved
to the separate IRAF-VO package.

@olebole olebole changed the title from Remove vo to Remove VO related packages and libraries Jun 27, 2017

olebole added some commits Jun 27, 2017

Remove VO subdir
This subdir containes the VO related packages that should be removed
to a separate IRAF-VO package.
Make VO and NOAO packages optional
This patch add their tasks to CL only if they are existent. This
allows to remove these packages without creating an error.

olebole added a commit to iraf-community/vo that referenced this pull request Mar 8, 2018

Initial commit
Just copied all files that were removed in iraf/iraf-v216#93 into
a new git repository, keeping the original places.

olebole added some commits Jun 27, 2017

Build only libVOTable in vendors
libVOTable offers functionality for reading and writing VOTABLEs that
is used in the IRAF core, specifically in `sys/etc/imxexpand.x`. To
not unnecessarily degrade VO functionality, this library is kept and
moved out of the other VO related libraries.
Remove VO related vendor libs
These libraries should be moved to a separate IRAF-VO package,
together with the other VO packages and VOCL.
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