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Getting Started

Check The Requirements

Currently the main requirement for Code Jetter to run is PHP 5.6+. If your PHP version is not 5.6 or above that, an error will be thrown.

Apply Database Changes

If you need to use user component you must create all the required tables and also add an admin user to start with. This can be done by running CodeJetter/sql/initial.sql in your MySQL database. Once it is finished you will see the following tables:

  • cj_admin_users
  • cj_group_member_user_xref
  • cj_member_groups
  • cj_member_users

Also an admin user has been added to cj_admin_users Username: admin Password: Admin1

As you see the default tables prefix is cj which is specified in your config file (explained in the next step) with the key: tablePrefix. This can be changed if you need to.

Create The Config File

At this stage you need to change CodeJetter/Config.Template.php as you need and then rename the file AND class names to Config.php and Config respectively. For the time being, you only need to worry about these config parameters:

URL String Yes The domain url
URI String Yes Path to `CodeJetter` folder
defaultDB String Yes The domain url
databases Array Yes This includes the default database details

Create The Route File

The same as the config file change CodeJetter/Routes.Template.php file and RoutesTemplate class names to CodeJetter/Routes.php and Routes respectively.

Move Code Jetter Files To Your Host

Finally copy the CodeJetter/public folder content to your host public directory (WWW or public_html), and CodeJetter folder (excluding public folder) to a non-public directory which should match the URI value in the config file. Please note that the downloaded folder from GitHub is named code-jetter, so you need to rename it to CodeJetter.

Include Autoloader In The Index

Open public/index.php and change the path to autoloader.php based on the place that CodeJetter/autoloader.php is located. Now if you check URL in the browser you will see the welcome page.

Run Composer

If you do not have Composer first you need to install it. Then run it the in the project root to download all the required libraries.


  • If there is any server error (error numbers starting with 5) first check public/.htaccess file. Then check to see if your host public path is set correctly. Finally you might need to check your server logs.
  • If the loaded page in the browser is blank you should enable PHP error reporting by changing debug to true for prod environment in the config file. Once the issue is resolved make sure to change debug back to false for security reasons.
  • You can also check CodeJetter/temp/custom_error_log.log to see if any error has been recorded

Where To Go From Here

If you are ready to create your application using Code Jetter these are more detailed documentations that can help you: