Colortizer translates a webcam feed of color-tagged objects into a matrix of IDs and their rotation
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Colortizer Repository

Solely Developed by Ira Winder [] MIT Media Lab

(Note: Ownership of this repository was transferred from the discontinued "Changing Places" Repository on August 7, 2017.)

Colortizer is open source software that translates a grid of color-tagged objects into a matrix of IDs and their rotation to serve projects like the open-source "CityScope" platform:, [Youtube: Lego Scanning Technology Invented by MIT] (

  • Arrange a Meeting with Ira before making any commits to this repository.
  • Avoid forking the repository and instead opt to make a new branch.
  • Colortizer is pretty scalable and flexible in its back-end but you might not see this from looking at the front-end. Expanding the grid capactiy wouldn't be terribly hard as long as you're willing to poke around the back-end.


  1. Clone Repository to your machine
  2. Download Processing 2.2.1 from and set its preferences such that the Sketchbook location is the Colortizer/Processing/ Folder. ( We use Processing 2 since Colortizer uses some libraries which have not yet migrated to Processing 3 )
  3. Re-start Processing 2. Now all of the sketches should show up under File>Sketchbook>

Useful Tips

  • Colortizer takes a webcam input of colored tags and turns it into a matrix of IDs & rotations passed via UDP
  • DO NOT edit the Processing/libraries/ folder needed to run Processing:

Development Notes

Colortizer scripts are compiled and tested with Processing IDE 2.2.1 on Windows7 and OSX on a Logitech C920 Webcam. As of January 12, 2016, the following Processing libraries are required. These should be kept up to date in the repository’s Colortizer/Processing/libraries/ folder:

  • OpenCV by Greg Borenstein
  • UDP by Stephane Cousot

Screen Shots

  • Define and un-distort rectilinear area to scan Colortizer
  • Fine-tune grid alignment and color callibration Colortizer
  • Example of 16 Tag Patterns Read by Colortizer Tags