Use this application to explore empirical urban light data and evaluate urban light simulations.
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by Ira Winder, Anthony Cheng

Use this open source application to explore empirical urban light data and evaluate accuracy of urban light simulations.


  1. View Empirical Urban Lighting Data (i.e. lux values from a vehicle sensor)
  2. View Empirical Urban Lighting Fixtures (i.e. light poles)
  3. Simulate Lighting Data from Models of Lighting Fixtures
  4. Compare Fit of Models to Observed Data

Data Viewer: FluxMap

Model Viewer: FluxMap

Tactile Matrix

by Ira Winder

Insights from the project were implemented as an interactive simulation of pedestrian safety conditions at an intersection. This software requires a Tactile Matrix to operate.


  1. Place your own lighting fixtures at an intersection.
  2. View Heatmaps of (a) lighting conditions and (b) simulated safety conditions.

Interface: TactileMatrix


  1. Download Processing (2.2.1) -
  2. Confirm Lastest Java is Installed
  3. Clone The Repository
  4. Run "FluxMap.pde" using Processing Application
  5. Run "TactileMatrix.pde" using Processing Application (Tactile Matrix hardware recommended but not necessary)


This research made possible by a generous grant from MIT and Philips Research.