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First time after cloning the project

npm install

If case of changes in node modules: rm -rf node_modules and then npm install


npm run dev (transpiling and running checking for changes)


npm run build once and then npm run start (faster if the code hasn't changed)

https certificates

Secure https is necessary to use sensors over webpages with iOS, and set on by default. Certificates matching the DNS name must be added to a folder /certs (not in this repository). See /config/env/default.json for changing default settings.

Projects and Sessions


  • You can create different projects with different audio files and scripts, strored in the folder /projects.
  • The project default is here to facilitate initial testing of the application. We strongly advise to duplicate it and start you own project.
  • The project loaded by the application is set in /config/project-default.json


  • Each project can have different sessions with specfic gestures and a selection of the audio files.

Overall structure

  • project_A with a set of audio files stored in /projects/project_A/audio

    • session_A1 with a specific gestures set
    • session_A2 with another specific gestures set
    • session_A3 with yet another specific gestures set...
  • project_B

    • session_B1
    • session_B2 etc.

Clients and Controller

Each devices connects to the server opening a webpage. Different type of clients can be used. The default port is 8000, other port value can be set in /config/env/default.json

Device with motion sensors (smartphones, tablets)

  • designer, using https://myserver:8000/designer allows for recording gesture template to be recognized, each linked to specific sound
  • player, using https://myserver:8000/ allows for playing gesture template to be recognized, playing the corresponding sound

Device w/ or w/o motion sensors, preferably with a big screen

  • controller using https://myserver:8000/controller for managing in real-time all connected devices and run different session and scripts. On the comptuer running the node server, you can use

Audio and Data Scripts

Data processing and sound sunthesis can be set using scripts in each projects, see in folder /projects/script

Some examples in /projects/script/audio

  • synth-likeliest-loop.jsaudio samples are selected according to the "likeliest" gesture return by the recognizer. The playing is looped, but this can be changed in the script.
  • fx-gain-energy.js enables to vary the audio intensity according to the gestures "energy" (computed from the accelerometers)

To faciliate testing and development

To test client on a laptop

emulate several clients at once

Invalid certificates in chrome

for development purpose, you might allow invalid certificates in chrome:




Full credits and Acknowledgements

Research and Development:

Benjamin Matuszweski (main developer), Joseph Larralde, Jean-Philippe Lambert, Frederic Bevilacqua (coordination) It includes the XMM library developed by Jules Françoise and Soundworks-V2 by Benjamin Matuszweski


  • Matuszewski, B., Larralde, J., & Bevilacqua, F. (2018, September). Designing movement driven audio applications using a web-based interactive machine learning toolkit. In Web Audio Conference (WAC).
  • Matuszewski, B., Systèmes musicaux distribués et technologies Web - Motivations, design et implémentation d’un système expérimental. PhD thesis. UNiverstiy Paris 8. 2020.


The CoMo applications and ecosystem has been developed in 2019 in the ANR-ELEMENT project (ANR-18-CE33-0002), as a generalized framework of a prototype initially developed in 2017, called Elements during the H2020 Rapid-Mix (Innovation Action funded by the European Commision H2020-ICT-2014-1 Project ID 644862). It uses the Collective Soundworks framework developed in the CoSiMa project (ANR-13-CORD-0010), developed by Benjamin Matuszweski, Norbert Schnell and Sébastien Robaszkiewicz and Waves libraries developed in the Wave project (ANR-12-CORD-0027). Audio files in the default application by Roland Cahen, Andrea Cera, Olivier Houix, Jan Schacher. Special thanks to: Anne Dubos, Bertha Bermudez, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes and Marion Voillot


example / test application for the CoMo framework







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