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7.0 TODO
[ ] Split tracking (datamine STATS c to make/apply routing suggestions?)
[ ] log splits cleanly to log channels
[ ] if we datamine, use this information to make suggestions
[ ] Statistics
[/] base collector
[ ] kills collector
[ ] users collector
[ ] servers collector
[/] channels collector
[ ] channel info
[x] channel topics
[ ] channel userlist
[ ] channel op/deop status
[ ] channel modes
[?] netsplit history
[ ] Basic StatServ nonsense (mainly interesting for xmlrpc)
[x] IPv6 linking support
frontend (www+xmlrpc)
[ ] make it!
[ ] work ^^^ into atheme-web
Some ideas concerning things that we may eventually work on.
interruptible commands (so as to make ns_mxcheck lookup async)
cidr limits in /os clones
think about additional timestamps for recognized vs identified
account merging?
/cs rename?
more fault codes
/ns ghost does not allow disconnecting a user that does not use a registered
nick but is logged in to an account with a known password (it is possible to
disconnect any user logged in to the same account as you); however, it would be
bad to check the same password against two accounts (nick/login). new syntax?
make sendpass/setpass codes expire after some time