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IRCCloud Desktop

This is a prototype of an IRCCloud desktop app for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The app wraps the IRCCloud website in a native window.

This app is currently experimental and is not officially supported, however it should provide equivalent or better functionality to other IRCCloud desktop wrapper apps.

If you have any issues, please file them in the GitHub Issue Tracker.


The latest official build can be downloaded here. The appropriate version should be detected based on your OS.

  • Mac: DMG
  • Windows: Installer
  • Linux: AppImage

On Linux, the app is also available on Snapcraft

You can also browse the Releases list for other artifacts, e.g. (Mac ZIP, deb, source tarball)


Build Status Build status IRC #feedback

IRCCloud Desktop is built on the Electron app framework, as used by GitHub's Atom editor. For more information, check out the Electron documentation. Build and packaging is handled by the excellent electron-builder project.

Build Requirements

  • Node JS version >= 12.13.1
  • yarn (recommended) or NPM (should also work fine)

On Linux, you also need the libopenjp2-tools package.


Run make dev in the root of the repository to run the app quickly (without icons).

To build a full version, make dist.

Instructions for building packages and signed binaries on CI are at docs/


If you have any questions, get in touch on #feedback at

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