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A mobile IRC client that keeps you connected to the network, complete with push notifications, message history and designed with a simple interface to be usable by anybody.

The interface is built around the KiwiIRC web client and re-uses the majority of its source.

Some screenshots:




Please report any bugs or issues to:

Open Source

As part of the open source project this application will be open sourced as a generic multi network IRC client in the near future. We are working on making sure a solid base for the application is working first and in live tests before opening its source the world.

What's working

We are now at a feature freeze stage as we complete and polish everything currently in the application for version 1.0

  • Registering new accounts
  • Logging into the network
  • Basic IRC usage for
    • sending messages
    • joining channels
    • managing channels
    • searching channels
    • etc
  • Persistent connections
  • Push notifications
  • Controlling the entire app without IRC command knowledge
  • Message history when opening channels or private messages

Immediate roadmap before version 1.0

  • Colour theming with dark and light themes
  • Avatar uploads
  • Channel invite manager
  • Improving parts of the UI responsiveness
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