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Welcome WIO Editors!

This is the new and improved

PLEASE be aware that this is not a normal open source project, but rather the files that comprise a website being ran as a public service. No right to redistribute these files is granted, but you may use them for the purpose of making improvements and submitting them back to us. See COPYING for more information.

Otherwise, please do not create mirrors of the site, thanks.

Build Status

Directory Structure

  • documents/ - contains the files that will be processed as input by PieCrust
  • otherfiles/ - contains other files, which may be used by scripts later (not used yet)

Most of the documents can be found here.

Build Process

The build process should eventually go something like this.

  1. a _target folder is created.
  2. the documents folder is processed with PieCrust and the output placed in the root of _target
  3. the otherfiles folder is copied to the root of _target, skipping any files that already exist from the build process
  4. Sanity checks are optionally performed (has the size dropped more than it should, etc)
  5. Entire contents of target are rsynced to a staging folder on the server.
  6. The live folder is renamed to old, and the staging folder is renamed so that it becomes the live folder.

Getting PieCrust

Note: This is only necessary to run the development server, or to compile the site. There is no need to download PieCrust just to make changes to content.

Run this command from the root of your wio git repository.

hg clone _piecrust

Running the Development Server

After downloading PieCrust as described above, run the script from the root of your wio git repository:


This will run a testing server that you can connect to via http://localhost:8080, which will update automatically as files are changed in the documents folder. The testing server remains attached to the terminal and can be ended with ctrl+c when done testing.

This differs slightly from the production setup, in that the production setup requires the site to be built (see below) before it's uploaded to the server.

Building the Site


Publishing the Site to Staging (irchelpers only)

  1. Build the site.
  2. In another directory, git clone if you haven't already.
  3. cd
  4. git pull (make sure you start from latest version)
  5. tar -xvzf ../wio/wio.tar.gz (untar the wio.tar.gz you made when you built the site into the staging directory)
  6. git add -A (stage all the changed files)
  7. git commit -m "updated the staging site with my new cool changes"
  8. git push

Your changes wiil be live at within 10 minutes.

Publishing the Site to Production (Live Site)

  1. Make sure you have the version you want to publish as your working copy, and all changes are committed.
  2. Tag the version. git tag YYYYMMDD-NN where YYYYMMDD is the current date and -NN is a version number in case there are multiple changes in a day (check the existing tags to make sure you aren't reusing them)
  3. Push your tags. git push --tags
  4. Site will be built by travsisci, and if there are no problems, a release with that tag will be found at in a few minutes.

(rest of process TBD.... )

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