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# IRCv3 Working Group
The IRCv3 Working Group is a group of IRC client and server software authors working to
enhance, improve, maintain and standardize the current IRC protocol. Logically, it is
an activity of []( but represents the interests of many parties.
Other stakeholders in the IRC protocol, such as IRC networks and IRC network operators are
invited to participate. If you would like to discuss IRCv3 standardization efforts over
IRC itself, you may find us at ` #ircv3`.
The IRCv3 working group is incubated by [](
## Participants
The IRCv3 working group contains participants from the following organizations (and more):
* [](
* [EsperNet](
* [freenode](
* [InspIRCd](
* [IRCCloud](
* [Mibbit](
* [mIRC](
* [Nefarious IRCu](
* [ngIRCd](
* [QuakeNet](
* [Undernet](
* [UnrealIRCd](
To participate, contribute to our specifications and extensions registry on [GitHub](
## Specifications
Right now the IRCv3 specification is distributed as a series of extension specifications to
IRC protocol version 2.7, also known as RFC1459. To understand the basis of the IRC version 3
protocol, please read RFC1459 followed by the extension specifications. A unified specification
draft is being worked on which will replace RFC1459 at a later date.
### Base Extensions
The following extensions comprise the core functionality of the IRC version 3.1 client protocol.
* [IRC Version 3.1: Capability Negotiation](/specification/capability-negotiation-3.1)
* [IRC Version 3.1: `multi-prefix` Extension](/extensions/multi-prefix-3.1)
* [IRC Version 3.1: `sasl` Extension](/extensions/sasl-3.1)
### Optional Extensions
The following extensions comprise the extended functionality of the IRC version 3.1 client protocol.
* [IRC Version 3.1: `account-notify` Extension](/extensions/account-notify-3.1)
* [IRC Version 3.1: `away-notify` Extension](/extensions/away-notify-3.1)
* [IRC Version 3.1: `extended-join` Extension](/extensions/extended-join-3.1)
* [IRC Version 3.1: `tls` Extension](/extensions/tls-3.1)
## Next Version
There is no work presently being done as 3.1 has been released. Submit new extensions for
consideration for 3.2!
## Extension Registry
The IRCv3 Working Group maintains a registry of "work-in-progress" extensions that have not yet
been accepted as part of an IRC protocol version. IRC software vendors may provide additional
extensions that have not yet been added to this registry. We recommend that extensions not in
the registry use appropriate namespacing as described in the capability negotiation specification.
A [list of extensions](/extensions/index) documented in the extension registry is available.
To submit an extension to the extension registry, please contact us via IRC for now. Extension
specifications should be submitted in Markdown format.
## IRCv3.1 Compliant Software
This software is compliant natively; other software may be compliant with extensions.
### Servers
* [charybdis]( 3.0 or later
* [InspIRCd]( 1.2 or later
* [shadowircd]( 6.0 or later
* [UnrealIRCd]( 3.2.10 or later
### Desktop Clients
* [Colloquy]( 2.4 or later
* [Conspire]( 0.20 or later
* [Konversation]( 1.5 or later
* [KVirc]( 4.0 or later
* [Limechat]( 2.23 or later
* [Quassel]( 0.6.1 or later
* [Textual]( 2.1 or later
* [Weechat]( 0.3.2 or later
### Web Clients
* [Iris](
* [Mibbit](
### Mobile Clients
* [AndChat]( 1.3.8 or later
* [Android IRC]( 1.8.21 or later
* [AndroIRC]( 2.0 or later
* [Colloquy](
* [IRC7]( 1.6 or later
* [Limechat]( 2.10 or later
* [YAAIC]( 0.9 or later
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