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IRCv3.2 `userhost-in-names` Extension
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Mantas Mikulėnas

The userhost-in-names capability extends the NAMES reply messages (RPL_NAMREPLY) to contain the full hostmask (nick!user@host) of every user listed.


--> NAMES #atheme 353 guest = #atheme :Rylee!rylai@localhost somasonic! 366 guest #atheme :End of /NAMES list

Historical note: Some older (pre-IRCv3) software implements the same extension as PROTOCTL UHNAMES and advertises it using the UHNAMES token in RPL_ISUPPORT; some implementations support enabling the same capability using either CAP or PROTOCTL. New servers or clients SHOULD NOT implement the PROTOCTL method, although they may still do so for compatibility with older software.