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Alix is a browser extension for a11y.css. It allows you to lint your HTML for Accessibility issues simply by applying a stylesheet that makes use of advanced CSS selectors.

Based on a11y.css, created by Gaël Poupard.

Install Alix

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  • Language: The language you want the messages to be displayed in. Choose either between English or French

  • Minimum Notice Level: The minimum level of errors you want to be shown. Choose between the following four options:

    • Only Errors
    • Warnings and Errors
    • Obsolete Stuff, Warnings, and Errors
    • Everything

Credits and Licence

  • a11y.css was created by Gaël Poupard, and is distributed under the MIT licence and CC BY 3.0 FR
  • This extension was created by Ire Aderinokun and is distributed under the MIT licence