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Get your machine ready

Keep Practicing

Try our "PyCAR basics" iPython notebook to continue exploring data types and simple methods. Tony DeBarros also taught a fantastic class at NICAR on getting started with Python.

Here's a great cheatsheet for basic python types and functions. And you should probably bookmark this fun and handy graphic of common Python errors. It's worth your time to take a look at Tony DeBarros' Python snippets, scripts for common tasks he's found useful. Have Unicode problems? Check out this great video from Pycon 2014.

Good libraries to explore


Want advice on debugging? This blog post on two young girls learning to code is a very cool introduction to how to debug a program. There's also a good post on thinking about debugging programs in general from the community behind p5.js. And we have this cheatsheet for how to read your Python error messages.

As we said in the class, with this mini boot camp, you get a lifetime support guarantee from us & PythonJournos