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disrupting polls and surveys on EOS

What we have:

iRespo has developed a solution for public voting during conferences and other events. The webapp:

  1. Allows user to create his/her own questions and display them to the audience on their phones and presentation screen
  2. Allows audience to vote on their phones using a very lightweight interface
  3. Interprets quota of votes in animated graphs and stores them in user's database
  4. Allows audience to ask text questions
  5. Allows audience to ask voice questions transmitted to user's speakers
  6. Is based on technologies:
    • C#/.NET
    • HTML5, Scss, Js/jQuery
    • Web RTC
    • Websockets
    • Azure solutions

What we are developing

We are planning to integrate our working voting solution with EOS blockchain.

Currently we are working on:

  • simple smart contract
    • questions and answers stored on the blockchain

In future we plan to implement more complex contract:

  • Payments
    • Users receive tokens for participation
    • Organizers and participants receive tokens for sharing the data with other users
  • Credibility levels - adding 4th credibility level (1,2,3 already implemented)
    • Poll with no verification
    • Poll with password
    • Poll with all users required to be registered within application
    • Poll with all users registered on EOS and all votes as separate transactions

Why EOS blockchain

We seek the possibilites in working with a blockchain technology which is:

  1. Scalable
  2. Governed
  3. Energy efficient - no proof of work


Read our whitepaper here: iRespo whitepaper


This project GitHub respository is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. The application source code is the copyrighted property of