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This Chrome extension provides serial port access ability for your website.
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🐹 In fact this is an independent project and works as an utility in irext public console

Version 0.0.3

This Chrome app provides serial port access ability for your website


Method 1: Go to Chrome's Tools -> Extensions then click "Load unpacked extension...". Then click on Launch to get it working

Method 2: Or, You can install it by dragging and dropping the released crx file in the root directory to chrome://extensions/

Method 3: Visit here for official installation:

How to use

  1. Install and start Web COM packaged app, it will listen on port 8301 (or you could change the listen port)
  2. Create a websocket connecting to localhost:8301 with type 'arraybuffer' and add your event callback handlers
    ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8301/');
    ws.binaryType = 'arraybuffer';
    ws.addEventListener('open', function() {
    ws.addEventListener('close', function() {
    ws.addEventListener('message', function(data){
  3. Select path and connection options, open the serial port, and then use ws.send() to send string or Uint8Array

alt tag

You can also find the example here:

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