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Frequently Asked Questions

Is doyouspeakOCCI normative?

The short answer is no. Currently, the Open Grid Forum does not offer any formal tests for OCCI that have fully passed the document process pipeline, which is the formal requirement for being an officially endorsed, normative document or applications.

In practice, however, the developers and contributors of doyouspeakOCCI are active group members of the OCCI Working Group, so you can expect the tests to be good enough. Of course, this does not mean that doyouspeakOCCI is complete; see also [this question]

If my service passes the test, am I fully compliant?

No, if you answer this question strictly. The tests cover all examples given in the OCCI RESTful HTTP Rendering (GFD.185), and then some. They are not testing every aspect of OCCI (especially not every detail of OCCI Core (GFD.183), which would be a herculean task), and thus cannot guarantee that you are fully compliant.

Still, if you pass all tests successfully (and without warnings), you can be quite sure that most client implementations will work reasonably well with your service.