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tuOCCI Open Cloud Computing Interface Framework

The tuOCCI Open Cloud Computing Interface Framework is a 100% Java™ implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) family of specifications. More specifically, it provides a full implementation of the OCCI Core (GFD.183), [OCCI Infrastructure (GFD.184)] (, and [OCCI RESTful HTTP Rendering (GFD.185)] ( specifications, and passes the [doyouspeakOCCI] ( compliance tests.

How to use

tuOCCI was hard to implement, but is simple to use. Therefore, you can integrate tuOCCI into your project in three simple steps:

  1. Use the tuOCCI Annotations and Interfaces to make your types first-class OCCI citizens.
  2. Tell the tuOCCI Configuration which of your classes you would like to expose.
  3. Run the tuOCCI Service in your favorite container.

For specific questions, please also take a look at the [FAQ] (

Where to get

tuOCCI will be available through various channels, providing easy access to both source and binary distributions. Please take a look at the [tuOCCI Installation Guide] ( for a detailed explanation on how to setup tuOCCI.

Sources and binaries

Packages with the source distribution can be obtained by two ways:

Alternatively, you might want to pick one of the advertised downloads (click on the "Downloads" button in the upper right of the tuOCCI home at [GitHub] (


tuOCCI can be used directly from within Apache Maven. Assuming that the corresponding jarfiles are in your local repository, add one or more (depending what you need) of the following lines to your pom.xml:

<!-- tuOCCI Core Model Implementation -->
<!-- tuOCCI Infrastructure Model Implementation (depends on tuocci-core) -->
<!-- tuOCCI HTTP Rendering Implementation (depends on tuocci-core and tuocci-infrastructure) -->

A package release to Maven Central will be coming soon.


tuOCCI aims to provide packages for a number of Linux distributions. Currently,

are under evaluation. Stay tuned for updates!


tuOCCI aims to be a community effort, and help is always welcome. Please contact us on the mailing lists to learn more.


We think that tuOCCI should be available to everyone with the upmost amount of freedom. To make sure that contributions to tuOCCI itself remain perpetually free, the code has been developed under the [GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3] ( The documentation coming with tuOCCI is available under a [Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License] (


If you think that you have discovered a bug in tuOCCI, or you would like to see an additional feature in the future, please use the tuOCCI GitHub Tracker to submit an issue.


You are welcome to contribute code for any kind of recorded issue. However, patches via email are not accepted. Rather than that, please [fork] ( our repository, commit the patch, and send us a pull request—we will then have a look at it. Remember to add a link to the issue you aim to fix.


tuOCCI — Open Cloud Computing Interface Framework




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