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ChatTEr [Chat based TestEr]

This is a ChatBot Which be used for driving testing operations from chat ,
currently supports below operations

  • Test Website with Selenium on headless Browser


Pre-requisite and How to Setup

1.prepare system with package manager

install homebrew on mac , MacPort installation is not recommended OR apt-get package manager on Ubuntu

Install gpg on system ,for mac

$ brew install gpg

OR on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install gpg

2.Install Ruby on mac /ubuntu

Install the latest stable release of Ruby.

$ \curl -sSL | bash -s stable
$ rvm install ruby

Make sure rvm is using the correct ruby by default

$ rvm list
$ rvm --default use 2.2.1

If you have an old ruby/rvm, you can upgrade with

$ rvm get head
$ rvm autolibs homebrew
$ rvm install ruby

Check that it’s installed properly by printing the ruby version.

$ ruby --version

Update RubyGems and Bundler.

$ gem update --system
$ gem install --no-rdoc --no-ri bundler
$ gem update
$ gem cleanup
$ gem install bundler

clone the repo and run bundle install ,all dependencies will be added

$ git clone ssh://
$ cd chatops
$ bundle install

3.Install Redis Server

$ brew install redis-server OR
$ sudo apt-get install redis-server

How to Run

1.Ensure redis running.

$ redis-server

2.Start lita

$ lita start


On slack , please type below

raj, deploy <app> with <branch> on <env> please


Chatter, Test with selenium on chrome please

Unit Tests

To run unit tests wit rspec

$ rake spec

Lint Checks and Rubocop

To run Rubocop locally for code quality analysis

$ rake rubocop

To contribute to the library

  • Clone this repo and perform all changes on your local repo
  • Read Git Contribution best practices below
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b new_feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin new_feature)
  • Create a new Pull Request and add summary, test plan and reviewer
  • Wait for Review Acceptance
  • Post Acceptance Land Changes to Integration branch.

Git Contribution best practices

  • Commit often
  • Commit related changes
  • Don't commit half-done work
  • Test code before commit
  • Write clear commit messages [what changed ,why ,where ]
  • Always create a PR for changes from your fork to upstream
  • Upstream is not a backup system ,your fork is
  • Use branches for every separate feature ,bug,ideas ,project


Email :
Twitter : notimewaste

UpComing Features

  • Integration with Selenium for Web Testing
  • Integration with Appium and SauceLabs for Mobile App Testing
  • Support to Test RESTful API's
  • Support to drive CI Operations

Directory structure

├── handlers    
├── spec    
├── config     
└── Rakefile   


Chat based Tester [ Work in Progress ]




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