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set nocompatible " Make Vim more useful
" Plugins {{{
" Use vim-plug to manage dependencies, stored to ~/.vim/plugged
call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
Plug 'Konfekt/FastFold'
Plug 'airblade/vim-gitgutter'
Plug 'christoomey/vim-tmux-navigator'
Plug 'dag/vim-fish'
Plug 'fatih/vim-go', { 'for': 'go', 'do': ':GoInstallBinaries' }
Plug 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'
Plug 'google/vim-searchindex'
Plug 'majutsushi/tagbar'
Plug 'mbbill/undotree'
Plug 'racer-rust/vim-racer'
Plug 'rhysd/vim-clang-format', { 'for': ['c', 'cpp', 'proto']}
Plug 'tpope/vim-commentary'
Plug 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
Plug 'tpope/vim-repeat'
Plug 'tpope/vim-rhubarb'
Plug 'tpope/vim-sensible'
Plug 'tpope/vim-surround'
Plug 'tpope/vim-vinegar'
Plug 'vim-airline/vim-airline'
Plug 'vim-airline/vim-airline-themes'
Plug 'vim-syntastic/syntastic'
call plug#end()
" }}}
" Theme {{{
syntax on " Syntax highlighting
set background=dark " Dark background
colorscheme solarized " Other options: pablo
let g:solarized_termtrans = 1
let g:solarized_termcolors = 16
let g:solarized_contrast = "normal"
let g:solarized_visibility = "normal"
" }}}
" Spacing {{{
set autoindent " Autoindent
set expandtab " Tabs are spaces
filetype plugin indent on " Load filetype-specific indentation
set tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 softtabstop=2 " Default tabwidth
" Language specific tabwidth
autocmd Filetype go setlocal expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 textwidth=80
autocmd Filetype python setlocal expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4
" }}}
" Search {{{
set ignorecase " Ignore case of searches
set incsearch " Dynamic highlighting
set gdefault " Default global search flag
set wrapscan " Wrap search around the file
highlight IncSearch ctermfg=15 cterm=bold,underline term=standout
highlight Search ctermfg=15 cterm=NONE term=standout ctermbg=NONE
" }}}
" Folding {{{
set foldenable
set foldlevelstart=10 " Opens most folds by default
set foldnestmax=7 " 8 nested fold max
set foldmethod=syntax " Folding based on file syntax
" }}}
" Undo/Backup/Swap {{{
if !isdirectory(expand("~/.vim/undo/"))
silent !mkdir -p ~/.vim/undo
set undodir^=~/.vim/undo/ " Directory to put undo files
set undofile
set nobackup " No backup files
set nowritebackup " No backup files while editing
set noswapfile " No swap files
" }}}
" Auto-complete {{{
set wildmenu " Command-line completion
set wildmode=list:full
set wildignore+=.hg,.git,.svn " Version control
set wildignore+=*.aux,*.out,*.toc " LaTeX intermediate files
set wildignore+=*.jpg,*.bmp,*.gif,*.png,*.jpeg " Binary images
set wildignore+=*.o,*.obj,*.exe,*.dll,*.manifest " Compiled object files
set wildignore+=*.spl " Compiled spelling lists
set wildignore+=*.sw? " Vim swap files
set wildignore+=*.DS_Store " OSX bullshit
set wildignore+=*.orig " Merge resolution files
" }}}
" Miscellaneous {{{
set lazyredraw " Faster rendering command options
set ttyfast " Faster terminal connections
set noeol " Don’t add empty line at EOF
set showcmd " Show partial command while typing
set ruler " Show line/column number of cursor
set shortmess=atIfilmnrxoOtT " Skip intro message when starting
set spell " Spell checking on
set nostartofline " Don't reset cursor to line start
set cursorline " Highlight current cursor line
set showmode " Show current mode
set title " Show filename in titlebar
set showmatch " Highlight matching parenthesis
set scrolloff=3 " Scroll 3 lines before window edge
set nonumber " Line number settings
set mouse=a " Automatically enable mouse usage
set mousehide " Hide the mouse cursor while typing
set hidden " Buffer settings
set iskeyword-=. " '.' is an end of word designator
set iskeyword-=# " '#' is an end of word designator
set iskeyword-=- " '-' is an end of word designator
set backspace=indent,eol,start " Backspace for dummies
set linespace=0 " No extra spaces between rows
set autowrite " Automatically save before :next
set autoread " Automatically reread changed files
set diffopt+=vertical " Vertical diff splits
set wrap " Wrap long lines
set splitright " New vsplit windows to the right
set splitbelow " New split windows to the bottom
set comments=sl:/*,mb:*,elx:*/ " Auto format comment blocks
set modelines=1 " Last line reserved for vim actions
set linebreak " Wrap lines at convenient points
set shell=/usr/local/bin/fish
autocmd VimResized * wincmd =
set clipboard=unnamed " Use OS clipboard
scriptencoding utf-8 " Default to UTF-8 encoding
highlight LineNr cterm=NONE ctermbg=NONE
highlight MatchParen cterm=bold ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=15 term=standout
highlight clear SignColumn " SignColumn should match background
highlight Comment cterm=italic
highlight clear CursorLine
highlight VertSplit cterm=NONE ctermbg=NONE
highlight CursorLineNR cterm=bold ctermfg=226
" Instead of reverting the cursor to the last position in the buffer, we
" set it to the first line when editing a git commit message
au FileType gitcommit au! BufEnter COMMIT_EDITMSG call setpos('.', [0, 1, 1, 0])
" Use an upright bar cursor in Insert mode, a block in normal
if exists('$TMUX')
let &t_EI = "\<Esc>Ptmux;\<Esc>\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=0\x7\<Esc>\\"
let &t_SI = "\<Esc>Ptmux;\<Esc>\<Esc>]50;CursorShape=1\x7\<Esc>\\"
" Never do this again :set paste <ctrl-v> :set no paste
let &t_SI .= "\<Esc>[?2004h"
let &t_EI .= "\<Esc>[?2004l"
" }}}
" Plugins {{{
" Rust.vim {{{
let g:racer_experimental_completer = 1
au FileType rust nmap <leader>gd <Plug>(rust-def)
au FileType rust nmap <leader>gdc <Plug>(rust-doc)
let g:ycm_rust_src_path = '/Users/irfansharif/.rustup/toolchains/stable-x86_64-apple-darwin/lib/rustlib/src/rust/src'
let g:rustfmt_autosave = 1
" }}}
" Syntastic {{{
set statusline+=%#warningmsg#
set statusline+=%{SyntasticStatuslineFlag()}
set statusline+=%*
let g:syntastic_always_populate_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_check_on_open = 0
let g:syntastic_check_on_wq = 0
let g:syntastic_aggregate_errors = 1
let g:syntastic_cpp_compiler = 'g++'
let g:syntastic_cpp_compiler_options = '-std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++'
" }}}
" Airline {{{
set t_Co=256
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 0
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
let g:airline_theme = 'lucius' " Lucius, Base16, or Solarized
set laststatus=2 " To show status bar on startup
" }}}
" VimGo {{{
let g:go_highlight_functions = 1
let g:go_highlight_methods = 1
let g:go_highlight_structs = 1
let g:go_highlight_interfaces = 1
let g:go_highlight_operators = 1
let g:go_highlight_build_constraints = 1
let g:go_fmt_command = "goimports"
au FileType go nmap <leader>gr <Plug>(go-run)
au FileType go nmap <leader>gb <Plug>(go-build)
au FileType go nmap <leader>gt <Plug>(go-test)
au FileType go nmap <leader>gc <Plug>(go-coverage)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gds <Plug>(go-def-split)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gd <Plug>(go-doc)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gdb <Plug>(go-doc-browser)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gi <Plug>(go-info)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gdv <Plug>(go-def-vertical)
au FileType go nmap <Leader>gs <Plug>(go-implements)
let g:syntastic_go_checkers = ['golint', 'govet', 'errcheck']
let g:syntastic_mode_map = { 'mode': 'active', 'passive_filetypes': ['go'] }
" }}}
" FastFold {{{
let g:fastfold_savehook = 0
let g:fastfold_fold_command_suffixes = ['x','X','a','A','o','O','c','C']
let g:fastfold_fold_movement_commands = [']z', '[z', 'zj', 'zk']
let g:vimsyn_folding = 'af'
let g:tex_fold_enabled = 1
" }}}
" }}}
" Language {{{
" {{{ C/C++
let g:clang_format#code_style = 'google'
autocmd FileType c,cpp ClangFormatAutoEnable " Toggle auto formatting
" }}}
" }}}
" Mappings {{{
" Quicker exit from insert mode
imap jk <Esc>l
" Allow using the repeat operator with a visual selection (!)
vnoremap . :normal .<CR>
" Auto indent pasted text
nnoremap p p=`]<C-o>
nnoremap P P=`]<C-o>
" For when you forget to sudo, really write the file
cmap w!! w !sudo tee % >/dev/null
" Move vertically by visual line
nnoremap j gj
nnoremap k gk
nnoremap J gj
nnoremap K gk
" Search mappings: These will make it so that going to the next one in a
" search will center on the line it's found in
nnoremap n nzzzv
nnoremap N Nzzz
" Easier buffer navigation
nnoremap <Tab> :bnext<CR>
nnoremap <S-Tab> :bprevious<CR>
" Do not show stupid q: window
map q: :q
" Change mapleader
let mapleader = ","
" Space opens/closes folds
nnoremap <space> za
" Edit/load .vimrc bindings
nnoremap <leader>ev :vsp $MYVIMRC<CR>
nnoremap <leader>sv :source $MYVIMRC<CR>
" Open Tagbar with Shift+T
nmap <S-t> :TagbarToggle<CR>
" Map Ctrl+V to paste, Ctrl+C to copy, paste shortcut with paste toggle
imap <C-V> <C-R>*
vmap <C-C> "+y
nmap <C-V> "+p
" Shift key fixes
if has("user_commands")
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file E e<bang> <args>
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file W w<bang> <args>
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file Wq wq<bang> <args>
command! -bang -nargs=* -complete=file WQ wq<bang> <args>
command! -bang Wa wa<bang>
command! -bang WA wa<bang>
command! -bang Q q<bang>
command! -bang QA qa<bang>
command! -bang Qa qa<bang>
" }}}
" Functions {{{
" Toggle highlight search (,hs) {{{
function! ToggleHighlightSearch()
if(&hlsearch == 1)
set nohls
set hls
nnoremap <leader>hs :call ToggleHighlightSearch()<CR>
" }}}
" Toggle over length highlighting (,ol) {{{
function! ToggleOverLengthIndicator()
if g:over_length_hl_enabled
highlight OverLength ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=NONE cterm=NONE
let g:over_length_hl_enabled = 0
highlight OverLength ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=red cterm=bold
let g:over_length_hl_enabled = 1
let g:over_length_hl_enabled = 1
highlight OverLength ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=NONE cterm=NONE
match OverLength /\%81v.\+/
nnoremap <leader>ol :call ToggleOverLengthIndicator()<CR>
" }}}
" Toggle fold (, ) {{{
function! ToggleFold()
if(&foldlevel == 0)
set foldlevel=99
set foldlevel=0
noremap <leader><space> :call ToggleFold()<CR>
" }}}
" Change to directory of current file, window specific (,lcd) {{{
function! LocallyChangeCurrentDirectory()
lcd %:p:h
nnoremap <leader>lcd :call LocallyChangeCurrentDirectory()<CR>
" }}}
" Change to directory of current file (,cd) {{{
function! ChangeCurrentDirectory()
cd %:p:h
nnoremap <leader>cd :call ChangeCurrentDirectory()<CR>
" }}}
" Strip trailing white space (,sw) {{{
function! StripWhiteSpace()
let save_cursor = getpos(".")
let old_query = getreg('/')
call setpos('.', save_cursor)
call setreg('/', old_query)
nnoremap <leader>sw :call StripWhiteSpace()<CR>
" }}}
" }}}
" }}}
" Source computer-specific customizations
source ~/.vimrc.custom
" vim:foldmethod=marker:foldlevel=0
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