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irfu-matlab ci-build


Please use the following to acknowledge use of IRFU-Matlab in your publications:

Data analysis was performed using the IRFU-Matlab analysis package available at


A few examples of irfu-matlab usage can be seen under web page


Download the code and add to the Matlab path the directory 'irfu-matlab'. Two methods are described below, a plain basic install and a more development oriented install (for contributors).

Basic install

If you intend to use irfu-matlab without pushing code then to simply download the code from the command line run

git clone

If you want only the latest version and not the full repository run

git clone --depth=1

Any time you want to update the code to the latest version, run from the command line

git pull

If you do not use command line there are github programs for Windows and Mac, see github web page.

Development install

This section is mostly for those of you who intend to develop and contribute code yourself (i.e. git push) and not just use 'irfu-matlab'.

It is recommended you first add SSH keys to your account, please see github web pages for details on how to add an SSH key to your account. And then, when SSH keys have been configured, instead of cloning using the basic https:// command above instead from the command line run

git clone ssh://

Then finally before actually contributing code, please have a look at our contributing guidelines.


Each time starting new Matlab session execute in Matlab:


To see help execute in Matlab

help irfu-matlab

To test an example execute in Matlab:


this should download Cluster data from the CSA archive and plot the figure consisting of 5 panels with data from different instruments.


If you experience any issues with irfu-matlab please submit an issue via our github page.

When submitting a new issue, please provide information required to replicate the issue as well as information regarding operating system and version of Matlab used.


Matlab routines to work with space data, particularly with MMS and Cluster/CAA data. Also some general plasma routines.


Security policy





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