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This is a module with functions for handling mac addresses. There are
already two or three MAC addressing functions in CPAN, the motivation
for this module is moderate functionality without Moose.
With that in mind you can understand why i have cloned much of the really
usefull functionality from the two or three existing similar modules on CPAN.
Ive covered off all the mac address formats i deal with in my workplace of mixed
hardware. This module can decode just about anything that looks reasonably like a
mac address, and stringify into every format i have seen used...
So sorry, Im not really interesting in adding a templating function to define your
own mac address formats. Youre welcome to either send in a patch, extend this module
or quickly write a function that wraps the 'raw' output to whatever you want. Match
and join are your friends :)
Hopefully this module is usefull to you.