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This app helps you set some watchers on crypto market, in a way that if a coin reachs a price it will be traded automaticly
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Crypto Trade Manager #LIVE VERSION

This app helps you set some watchers on crypto market, in a way that if a coin reachs a price it will be traded automaticly. youtube


  • Stop Loss: trade based on your stop-loss strategy
  • Buy Low: Buy a Coin in Lowest price you think can reach!
  • etc..

Main features

  • Simple Authentication: there is simple registeration and login, so app could be used for multiple users
  • Add Unlimited API: you can add unlimited numbers of each supported apis if you have multiple accounts
  • Add Unlimited Trackers: tracker is used for monitoring market for certain prices and sell or buy when that prices reachs, When a condition occured these actions could be performed:
    • Market Sell/Buy: Instant Sell or Buy that coin in any available price
    • Limit Sell/Buy: Creates an order in specific price
  • Orders History: you can see your buy and sell history there


These exchanges are supported:


To use this app you need a system with Node-JS installed

  • in app folder run this command: npm install
  • start app with node index.js (you can use pm2 for standard usage)
  • open your browser and open this url: https://localhost:1040 (if you are running the app on a server replace localhost with your server IP, and open port 1040 on your firewall)
  • Register for a account and login

Coming Features

If you had any opinions to make this project better, please let me know!

APP IS STILL IN BETA RELEASE, use it catefully

Show your support

Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

❤️Donation -> Bitcoin:179CsAFEucLbQG6WDLTxVRX2ax8NBrxcGU

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