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To run the demo client with a sample server:

Install these development utilities globally:
npm install -g coffee-script
npm install -g dustjs-linkedin
npm install -g less

Go to the client directory, install dependencies, and build
cd <top>/client
npm install
cake build

Go into the server directory, install dependencies, and build
cd <top>/server
npm install
cake build

Run the server
node lib/js/server.js

Browse to


Only edit coffeescript, not js or json. In particular, only edit, not package.json (but keep package.json in the repo for initially installing the dev tools).
Only edit less, not css.

Install the testing utility globally. It's huge.
npm install -g buster

Link Cakefile, client/Cakefile and server/Cakefile. They should stay the same.
ln Cakefile client/Cakefile
ln Cakefile server/Cakefile

Use forApplication, forBrowser and forServer flags for conditional build.
Put any additional build scripts in scripts/, server/scripts/ and client/scripts/

cake to see the build commands
cake build does everything during local development cake -w build to watch and build on changes

Deploying (WIP)

cake --target heroku deploy to deploy (WIP)

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