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// IRWebAPITwitterInterface+Friendships.h
// IRWebAPIKit
// Created by Evadne Wu on 4/3/11.
// Copyright 2011 Iridia Productions. All rights reserved.
#import "IRWebAPITwitterInterface.h"
@interface IRWebAPITwitterInterface (Friendships)
// Actually unsure whether concatenated invocation (big, single-shot) or repeated invocation works better
// So, wrote both to try them out separately
// Note that the response is seldom written to a file in real world cases; instead it is mostly used to work other backing stores
// I believe that many callbacks + a exhaustion check might (read: can, but possibly as in quadruple-alpha) work a lot more better in this case for most use cases
+ (BOOL) repeatedlyCalledSuccessHandlerResponseExhausted:(NSDictionary *)response;
// returns YES if the engine agrees that the success handler is not going to be called any more in the same context
- (void) retrieveFriendsOfUser:(IRWebAPITwitterUserID)userID withConcatenatedSuccessHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inSuccessCallback failureHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inFailureCallback;
// Stitches everything in memory and return a large chunk
- (void) retrieveFriendsOfUser:(IRWebAPITwitterUserID)userID withRepeatedlyCalledSuccessHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inSuccessCallback failureHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inFailureCallback;
// Thought of integrating response, and found that way is not sustainable on mobile devices, and generally just bad
// A nil-response success callback is fired again when things are really done
// Primitives
- (void) retrieveFriendsOfUser:(IRWebAPITwitterUserID)userID withCallbackStyle:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallbackStyle)style successHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inSuccessCallback failureHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inFailureCallback;
- (void) retrieveFriendsOfUser:(IRWebAPITwitterUserID)userID withCursor:(unsigned long long)cursorID successHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inSuccessCallback failureHandler:(IRWebAPIInterfaceCallback)inFailureCallback; // the primitive one
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