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// IRWebAPITwitterInterface+Validators.h
// IRWebAPIKit
// Created by Evadne Wu on 1/17/11.
// Copyright 2011 Iridia Productions. All rights reserved.
#import "IRWebAPITwitterInterface.h"
@interface IRWebAPITwitterInterface (Validators)
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultNoErrorValidator;
// Makes sure the response is 200 and does not come with an error
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultValidatorForArrayNamed:(NSString *)inKeyPathToResponseArray withElementKeyPaths:(NSArray *)inKeyPaths validator:(BOOL(^)(id aKeyPath, id currentObject))inValidator;
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultValidatorForArrayNamed:(NSString *)inKeyPathToResponseArray withElementKeyPaths:(NSArray *)inKeyPaths;
// Makes sure that the key path inKeyPathToResponseArray points to an NSArray, and each element in that array has values described in inKeyPaths
// The default validator is a “non-nil” validator.
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultExistingValueValidatorForKeyPaths:(NSArray *)inKeyPaths;
// return [self defaultValidatorForArrayNamed:@"response" withElementKeyPaths:inKeyPaths];
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultTimelineValidator;
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultSingleTweetValidator;
- (IRWebAPIResposeValidator) defaultListsValidator;
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