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jengelh Update text UI strings (2)
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Latest commit 911a46a Jan 27, 2020
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android_webview webview: migrate missed profile data. Dec 16, 2019
apps Replaced --single_process with --single-process-tests Oct 14, 2019
ash Fix aliasing issues in Assistant UI on veyron-speedy board. Dec 10, 2019
base IWYU: include algorithm to use std::lower_bound in ui/gfx/ Jan 25, 2020
build all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
build_overrides Add dawn_jsoncpp_dir to build_overrides/dawn.gni Oct 16, 2019
buildtools Add exception for libassistant to import checker. Sep 13, 2019
cc Reland "Record latency for Impl thread in case of no begin main frame." Oct 30, 2019
chrome Update text UI strings (2) Jan 27, 2020
chromecast all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
chromeos all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
cloud_print Remove using directives ("using namespace x") from cloud_print/. Sep 24, 2019
components common: set Iridium version / User-Agent Jan 25, 2020
content common: set Iridium version / User-Agent Jan 25, 2020
courgette [Courgette] Fix disassembler_elf_32_arm on_32bit tracking code Oct 8, 2019
crypto Split CrOS-specific TPM, etc., code into a separate file Oct 15, 2019
dbus Backport some tests in /dbus to SingleThreadTaskEnvironment Sep 9, 2019
device Revert "device/bluetooth: Enable the use of btdispatch by default" Dec 19, 2019
docs win: Stop using split_static_library in chrome/, content/ Oct 17, 2019
extensions common: set Iridium version / User-Agent Jan 25, 2020
fuchsia Add CookieAccessSemantics to cookie change notifications Oct 21, 2019
gin Remove use of deprecated function v8::V8::SetNativesDataBlob Oct 3, 2019
google_apis all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
google_update Reland "Update Google Update COM interface definitions in google_upda… Mar 1, 2018
gpu [openSUSE chromium-old-glibc-noexcept.patch] Jan 25, 2020
infra Reland: infra: Migrate builders to Goma RBE (Week 3c) Oct 17, 2019
ios Updating XTBs based on .GRDs from branch 3945 Dec 9, 2019
ipc Revert "ipc: disable AFDO on Linux" Oct 16, 2019
iridium net: add "trk:" scheme and help identify URLs being retrieved Jan 25, 2020
jingle all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
media [Merge to M79] SurfaceControl: Use only valid region of pixels to cal… Jan 6, 2020
mojo Avoid unsafe static_cast<network::mojom::ReferrerPolicy>(i) casts. Oct 15, 2019
native_client_sdk Update PNaCl deprecation doc for gonacl/chrome devsite Aug 13, 2019
net net: add "trk:" scheme and help identify URLs being retrieved Jan 25, 2020
pdf Code refactor in PdfAccessibilityTree Oct 15, 2019
ppapi Code refactor in PdfAccessibilityTree Oct 15, 2019
printing cups_ipp_util: hide unparsable papers Nov 25, 2019
remoting all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
rlz all: add trk: prefixes to possibly evil connections Jan 25, 2020
sandbox build: use -Wl,--no-keep-memory Jan 25, 2020
services battery_status_service: disable more privacy nightmares Jan 25, 2020
skia Migrate legacy FrameHostMsg_DidChangeThemeColor IPC Oct 14, 2019
sql sql: Use a much more aggressive preread limit in Database::Preload(). Oct 11, 2019
storage [NativeFS] Interact with FileSystemOperationRunner via base::Sequence… Oct 11, 2019
styleguide Rename to Oct 10, 2019
testing [WebLayer M79] Merge weblayer changes since 92763f8 Nov 20, 2019
third_party mime_util: force text/x-suse-ymp to be downloaded Jan 25, 2020
toolchain build: select default toolchain Jan 25, 2020
tools common: set Iridium version / User-Agent Jan 25, 2020
ui Disable smooth scrolling on Linux Jan 25, 2020
url net: add "trk:" scheme and help identify URLs being retrieved Jan 25, 2020
weblayer [WebLayer] Fix black flash when keyboard shows Jan 3, 2020
.clang-format Fix import order issue for androidx Apr 4, 2019
.eslintrc.js Use ESLint to disallow __defineGetter__, __defineSetter__ and friends. Jun 22, 2019
.git-blame-ignore-revs Add spelling-fix commits section to .git-blame-ignore-revs Jun 18, 2018
.gitattributes IDL files should also use LF line endings. May 29, 2019
.gitignore android: switch test runner to standalone Avd management module. (REL… Oct 2, 2019
.gn Revert "Turn on gn check for libassistant/*." Oct 3, 2019
.vpython Move to mozlog v4.2 for WPT to support known_intermittent statuses. Aug 5, 2019
.vpython3 Add option to run tests with Python3 Sep 10, 2019
AUTHORS [Hunspell] Reduce maximum suggestions from 15 to 5. Oct 16, 2019 [WebLayer M79] Merge weblayer changes since 92763f8 Nov 20, 2019 Update the Code of Conduct contact points. Feb 5, 2019
DEPS build: use python3 to run landmines Jan 25, 2020
ENG_REVIEW_OWNERS Add Ted as eng reviewer Apr 8, 2019
LICENSE Happy (belated) New Year, 2015 edition! Jul 27, 2015
LICENSE.chromium_os Fix third-party license information for a number of projects Jul 27, 2012
OWNERS OWNERS: restrict fuzzer owners rule to files only (exclude dirs). Sep 20, 2019 [WebLayer M79] Merge weblayer changes since f1f38b7 Nov 14, 2019 Translation screenshot presubmit: Ignore nonexistent files for remove… Oct 2, 2019 Fix on Windows. Jul 17, 2019 doc: add for github Jan 25, 2020
WATCHLISTS Add Siyu and Archana to Autofill Payments watchlist Oct 11, 2019
codereview.settings Clean up a stale line in codereview.settings. Sep 18, 2017

Iridium Browser

Iridium is an open modification of the Chromium code base, with privacy being enhanced in several key areas. Automatic transmission of partial queries, keywords, metrics to central services is inhibited and only occurs with consent.

Some more information and binary downloads can be found at


The repository is at

The easy way to build from source is to re-use the mechanisms of one's Linux distribution, that is, their build environment and description for chromium, and replacing the source tarball by the one from

For the more adventurous, there is a 10-step(-ish) guide to build from git:

  1. Download [](depot_tools) and add it to your $PATH.

  2. Download matching WebRTC code. Google populates the Chromium DEPS file with a commit hash for WebRTC that not always a branch head which, as a result, is not downloaded by gclient sync. Therefore, you have to fetch the data manually:

    pushd third_party/webrtc/ git ls-remote origin | grep 0b2302e5e0418b6716fbc0b3927874fd3a842caf abcdef... refs/branch-heads/m78 git fetch origin refs/branch-heads/m78 git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD popd

  3. Issue command: gclient sync (this utility comes from depot_tools).

  4. The gn files in Iridium are edited to respect the $CC etc. environment variables. These env vars must always be set, so issue export CC=gcc CXX=g++ AR=ar NM=nm (can pick any preferred toolchain, though).

  5. Link up nodejs:

    mkdir -p third_party/node/linux/node-linux-x64/bin ln -s /usr/bin/node third_party/node/linux/node-linux-x64/bin/

  6. Issue gn gen '--args= custom_toolchain="//build/toolchain/linux/unbundle:default" host_toolchain="//build/toolchain/linux/unbundle:default" linux_use_bundled_binutils=false use_custom_libcxx=false is_debug=false enable_nacl=false use_swiftshader_with_subzero=true is_component_ffmpeg=true use_cups=true use_aura=true use_jumbo_build=true jumbo_file_merge_limit=8 concurrent_links=1 symbol_level=1 blink_symbol_level=0 use_kerberos=true enable_vr=false optimize_webui=false enable_reading_list=false use_pulseaudio=true link_pulseaudio=true is_component_build=false use_sysroot=false fatal_linker_warnings=false use_allocator="tcmalloc" fieldtrial_testing_like_official_build=true use_gold=true use_gnome_keyring=false use_lld=false use_vaapi=true use_sysroot=false treat_warnings_as_errors=false enable_widevine=false use_dbus=true use_system_harfbuzz=true use_system_freetype=true enable_hangout_services_extension=true enable_vulkan=true enable_hevc_demuxing=true rtc_use_pipewire=true rtc_link_pipewire=true is_clang=false gcc_lto=true icu_use_data_file=false proprietary_codecs=true ffmpeg_branding="Chrome"' out/Release

  7. There are a number of dependencies, and they may vary across operating systems. The gn command fails if there are unmet dependencies, and it will tell you which. Install and repeat the gn command as needed. Consult your distribution's package manager.

  8. Issue LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/out/Release ninja -C out/Release chrome chrome_sandbox chromedriver.

Reporting bugs and issues

Please use the Iridium Browser tracker on GitHub to report your findings or to add feature requests.

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