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Web UI: Update styleguide to discourage grit includes


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Change-Id: I6b666f7531c1a68a2a7ab3ba13b11f8b061ef0b3
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Reviewed-by: Demetrios Papadopoulos <>
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rbpotter authored and Commit Bot committed Dec 5, 2019
1 parent ebd856e commit 6068a2839c9ce8b052e84a6e27bb634a7aef0dd8
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@@ -460,15 +460,10 @@ function isWindows() {

`<include src="[path]">` reads the file at `path` and replaces the `<include>`
tag with the file contents of `[path]`.

Don't use `</include>` to close these tags; they're not needed nor supported.

<div class="note">
Using <code>&lt;include&gt;</code> simply pastes the entire contents of a file,
which can lead to duplication. If you simply want to ensure some code is loaded
(and usually you do), you should use HTML Imports instead.
tag with the file contents of `[path]`. Don't use `<include>` in new JS code;
[it is being removed.](
Instead, use JS imports in new pages and pages that use JS modules. Use HTML
imports in existing pages that are still using HTML imports/Polymer 2.

Grit can read and inline resources when enabled via `flattenhtml="true"`.

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