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sql: Use a much more aggressive preread limit in Database::Preload().

Bug: 1010273, 1001838
Change-Id: Ic7a490640f44fe3d449462c974737f71d20c76a7
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pwnall authored and Commit Bot committed Oct 11, 2019
1 parent 6a0d28a commit bcfeb5b2f2a4a0ab8deaca9751067b5069a788ca
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@@ -355,17 +355,20 @@ void Database::Preload() {
base::Optional<base::ScopedBlockingCall> scoped_blocking_call;

// The constructor and set_page_size() ensure that page_size_ is never zero.
const int page_size = page_size_;

// Use local settings if provided, otherwise use documented defaults. The
// actual results could be fetching via PRAGMA calls.
sqlite3_int64 preload_size = page_size * (cache_size_ ? cache_size_ : 2000);
if (preload_size < 1)

base::PreReadFile(DbPath(), /*is_executable=*/false, preload_size);
// Maximum number of bytes that will be prefetched from the database.
// This limit is very aggressive. Here are the trade-offs involved.
// 1) Accessing bytes that weren't preread is very expensive on
// performance-critical databases, so the limit must exceed the expected
// sizes of feature databases.
// 2) On some platforms (Windows 7 and, currently, macOS), base::PreReadFile()
// falls back to a synchronous read, and blocks until the entire file is
// read into memory. So, there's a tangible cost to reading data that would
// get evicted before base::PreReadFile() completes. This cost needs to be
// balanced with the benefit reading the entire database at once, and
// avoiding seeks on spinning disks.
constexpr int kPreReadSize = 128 * 1024 * 1024; // 128 MB
base::PreReadFile(DbPath(), /*is_executable=*/false, kPreReadSize);

// SQLite keeps unused pages associated with a database in a cache. It asks

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