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Reland: Roll src/buildtools/third_party/libc++/trunk/ 5938e0582..78d6…

…a7767 (333 commits)

This is a reland of

This will break CrOS due to a libassistant issue, see bug 996754. The plan is
to land this, then revert it immediately, then do some prep work on the assistant
side, and then reland once that prep work is done.

This CL is necessary to fix the gcc 4.8 build:

Wanted for this CL, which improves the debugging experience:

$ git log 5938e0582..78d6a7767 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-10-22 z.zoelec2     [libcxx] Remove shared_ptr::make_shared
2019-10-21 ldionne [NFC] Fix typos in CMake comment
2019-10-19 dimitry Refine check for `_LIBCPP_C_HAS_NO_GETS` on FreeBSD
2019-10-19 richard-llvm P1152R4: Fix deprecation warnings in libc++ testsuite and in uses of is_invocable that would internally conjure up a deprecated function type.
2019-10-15 Casey [libc++][test] Use <version> to get config on MSVC
2019-10-14 Casey [libc++][test] Portability fix for std::any tests
2019-10-14 Casey [libc++][test] Add license headers to test/support/archetypes.*
2019-10-14 Casey [libc++][test] Silence more warnings in variant tests
2019-10-13 Casey [libc++][test] std::variant test cleanup
2019-10-13 Casey [libc++][test] <=> now has a feature-test macro
2019-10-12 Casey [libc++][test] Silence MSVC warning in std::optional test
2019-10-11 phosek [libc++] Fix linker script generation
2019-10-10 Casey [libc++][test] Change IsSmallObject's calculation for std::any's small object buffer
2019-10-09 Casey [libc++][test] Miscellaneous MSVC cleanups
2019-10-09 eric Optimize operator=(const basic_string&) for tail call.
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] Workaround old versions of CMake that don't understand list(JOIN)
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] Move the linker script generation step to CMake
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] Make sure we link all system libraries into the benchmarks
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] TAKE 2: Make system libraries PRIVATE dependencies of libc++
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] Add missing link-time dependencies to the benchmarks
2019-10-08 ldionne [libc++] Use PRIVATE to link benchmark dependencies
2019-10-07 z.zoelec2     [libc++] Remove C++03 variadics in shared_ptr (v2)
2019-10-04 apl [libc++] Guard cxx_experimental settings behind LIBCXX_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_LIBRARY
2019-10-04 ldionne [libc++] Localize common build flags into a single CMake function
2019-10-04 saugustine Add an off-by-default option to enable testing for gdb pretty printers.
2019-10-04 ldionne [libc++] Make the modules-related flags PUBLIC instead of PRIVATE
2019-10-04 ldionne [libc++] Move more CMake flags to per-target definitions
2019-10-04 maskray Make libc++ gdb pretty printer Python 3 compatible
2019-10-03 eric Attempt to remove linker workaround on the buildbots: Attempt 2
2019-10-03 eric Attempt to remove linker workaround on the buildbots.
2019-10-03 ldionne [libc++] Add a per-target flag to include the generated config_site
2019-10-03 ldionne [libc++] Add missing revision number in ABI changelog
2019-10-03 maskray Fix libc++ pretty printer test for Python 3 after D67238 (take 2)
2019-10-02 ldionne [libc++] Use functions instead of global variables to set libc++ build flags
2019-10-02 ldionne [libc++] Use a function to set warning flags per target
2019-10-02 ldionne [libc++] Revert to using PUBLIC instead of PRIVATE when linking system libs
2019-10-02 ldionne [libc++] Use PRIVATE instead of PUBLIC when linking against system libs
2019-10-02 maskray Fix libc++ pretty printer test for Python 3 after D67238
2019-10-01 saugustine Determine endianness at a time when it doesn't inadvertantly clear gdb's wrap_buffer via gdb.execute.
2019-10-01 ldionne [NFC] Fix typos in libc++ documentation
2019-10-01 ldionne [libc++] Re-apply workaround for D63883
2019-10-01 ldionne [libc++] Remove workaround for D63883
2019-10-01 ldionne [libc++] Harden usage of static_assert against C++03
2019-09-30 eric Refactor default constructor SFINAE in pair and tuple.
2019-09-27 ldionne [libc++] Take 2: Implement LWG 3158
2019-09-26 ldionne [libc++] Take 2: Implement LWG 2510
2019-09-26 dave [libcxx] Do not implicitly #include assert.h
2019-09-25 ldionne [libc++] Purge mentions of GCC 4 from the test suite
2019-09-25 eric Add forward declaration of operator<< in <string_view> as required.
2019-09-25 eric add tests that debug mode catches nullptr->string_view conversions in comparison operators
2019-06-12 ldionne [libcxx] XFAIL set/multiset CTAD tests on Apple Clang 10
2019-06-12 ldionne [libcxx] XFAIL some CTAD tests on AppleClang 10
2019-06-12 eric Apply [[nodebug]] to typedefs throughout the STL.
2019-06-11 eric Move libc++ specific tests for std::function out of the std directory
2019-06-11 eric Add documentation and tests for Clangs C++11 extensions in C++03.
2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Mark CTAD tests for set and multiset as unsupported on older Apple Clangs
2019-06-11 mclow.lists Mark CTAD fail tests for set/multiset as XFAIL for older compilers that give different error messages
2019-06-11 mclow.lists XFAIL a couple of tests on apple-clang-9.1, which is a compiler that I didn't know existed
2019-06-11 eric Check in test that demonstrates ABI break for std::function.
2019-06-11 ldionne [libc++] Implement deduction guides for <set>
2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Make std::tuple<> trivially constructible
2019-06-11 ldionne [libcxx] Slightly improved policy for handling experimental features
2019-06-11 mclow.lists Add a test for is_base_of and incomplete types. Because this trait uses a compiler intrinsic which was broken in many clangs, have lots of XFAILs.
2019-06-11 mclow.lists XFAIL a couple of CTAD tests on clang-6; it gives different error messages than clang 7/8/9
2019-06-10 mclow.lists Recommit r362649, which was reverted in r262680 because of bugs in std::to_chars (which have now been fixed). Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO
2019-06-10 mclow.lists Implement deduction guides for map/multimap. Reviewed as Thanks to Quuxplusone for the submission.
2019-06-10 zy [libc++] Fix leading zeros in std::to_chars
2019-06-08 eric update debugging docs to be less out of date
2019-06-08 eric Substantially reduce instantiations and debug size of std::function
2019-06-08 eric Fix some incorrect std::function tests
2019-06-06 vlad Revert "Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO."
2019-06-05 ldionne [libcxx][test] Include test_workarounds.h where needed
2019-06-05 mclow.lists Update issue statuses. Reviewed as
2019-06-05 mclow.lists Speedup to_string and to_wstring for integers using stack buffer and SSO. Reviewed as  Thanks to ivafanas for all his work on this patch.
2019-06-04 ldionne [libcxx] Add test to check min/max requirement to regular expression
2019-06-04 mclow.lists No longer reject inputs when using a locale that has grouping information _and_ the input has no grouping characters at all. We continue to reject cases when the input has grouping characters in the wrong place. Fixes PR#28704
2019-06-04 mclow.lists We had a _LIBCPP_ASSERT commented out because gcc 4.9 didn't like it. We (LLVM) now require GCC 5.1, so that's not a problem any more. Re-enable the assertion. Fixes PR#36863
2019-06-02 phosek [libcxx] Use libtool when merging archives on Apple platforms
2019-05-31 mclow.lists Add include for 'test_macros.h' to all the tests that were missing them. Thanks to Zoe for the (big, but simple) patch. NFC intended.
2019-05-30 ldionne [libcxx] Add regex test cases from PR40904
2019-05-30 jryans [Docs] Modernize references to macOS
2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Use _LIBCPP_HAS_COMMENT_LIB_PRAGMA in all relevant files
2019-05-30 phosek [libcxx][libcxxabi] Remove the unused CMake checks
2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Use -Wunknown-pragmas for the pragma check
2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Check if pragma comment(lib, ...) is supported first
2019-05-30 phosek [runtimes] Support ELF dependent libraries feature
2019-05-29 ldionne [NFC][libcxx] Remove trailing whitespace
2019-05-29 mclow.lists Add additional constraints on midpoint(pointer, pointer). Fixes PR#42037.
2019-05-29 eric Fix build breakage on 32-bit machines
2019-05-29 eric Rework std::type_info definition to support systems without fully merged type info names.
2019-05-28 mclow.lists Fix test that used raw string literals. Doesn't work in C++03
2019-05-28 mclow.lists Fix an incorrect 'Throws' in the regex code. Add a test for the new behavior. Reviewed as Thanks to Mark for the catch and the fix.
2019-05-24 eric fix test for older clang versions
2019-05-24 eric fix destroying delete test with older apple compilers
2019-05-24 eric Update C++2a status for destroying delete
2019-05-23 eric P0722R3:  Implement library support for destroying delete
2019-05-23 chris.bieneman [CMake] Copy C++ headers before configuring runtimes build
2019-05-23 ldionne [libcxx][tests] Fix order checking in unordered_multiset tests.
2019-05-22 phosek [runtimes] Move libunwind, libc++abi and libc++ to lib/$target/c++ and include/c++
2019-05-22 ldionne [libcxx][test] Fix order checking in some more unordered_multimap tests

Created with:
  roll-dep src/buildtools/third_party/libc++/trunk


Binary-Size: Size increase is unavoidable. Also this CL is a reland, the previous ran
Binary-Size: crrev/c/1881953 didn't increase size.
Change-Id: I6b4d224b3feca206161d642baae7be8da23592ee
Reviewed-by: Nico Weber <>
Commit-Queue: Nico Weber <>
Auto-Submit: Thomas Anderson <>
Cr-Original-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#709997}
Reviewed-by: Xiaohui Chen <>
Commit-Queue: Xiaohui Chen <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#716228}
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Xiaohui Chen Commit Bot
Xiaohui Chen authored and Commit Bot committed Nov 18, 2019
1 parent 05919f6 commit c3b83dd743ec8155fc4eb6c079302b89185d3edd
Showing with 6 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +1 −1 DEPS
  2. +1 −1 buildtools/DEPS
  3. +1 −1 buildtools/deps_revisions.gni
  4. +3 −0 buildtools/third_party/libc++/
@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ vars = {
# Also, if you change these, update buildtools/DEPS too. Also update the
# libc++ svn_revision in //buildtools/deps_revisions.gni.
'clang_format_revision': '96636aa0e9f047f17447f2d45a094d0b59ed7917',
'libcxx_revision': '5938e0582bac570a41edb3d6a2217c299adc1bc6',
'libcxx_revision': '78d6a7767ed57b50122a161b91f59f19c9bd0d19',
'libcxxabi_revision': '0d529660e32d77d9111912d73f2c74fc5fa2a858',
'libunwind_revision': '69d9b84cca8354117b9fe9705a4430d789ee599b',
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ vars = {

# When changing these, also update the svn revisions in deps_revisions.gni
'clang_format_revision': '96636aa0e9f047f17447f2d45a094d0b59ed7917',
'libcxx_revision': '5938e0582bac570a41edb3d6a2217c299adc1bc6',
'libcxx_revision': '78d6a7767ed57b50122a161b91f59f19c9bd0d19',
'libcxxabi_revision': '0d529660e32d77d9111912d73f2c74fc5fa2a858',
'libunwind_revision': '69d9b84cca8354117b9fe9705a4430d789ee599b',
@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@
declare_args() {
# The libc++ svn revision that belongs to the git hash in DEPS. Used to cause
# full rebuilds on libc++ rolls.
libcxx_svn_revision = "361348"
libcxx_svn_revision = "375504"
@@ -55,8 +55,10 @@ target(_libcxx_target_type, "libc++") {
@@ -67,6 +69,7 @@ target(_libcxx_target_type, "libc++") {

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