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Delay expiry of frequently used histograms.

Updates the expires_after attribute for 145 histograms that show
frequent access in the past 90 days.  These are the 80% most
frequently used histograms over that time that do not already have a date later
than or within 60 days of 2020-05-03.

Change-Id: I8fac8b4855e04e7bd9ba563ee428ec27c040c92a
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Chrome Metrics Logs authored and Commit Bot committed Nov 5, 2019
1 parent 40c01af commit f1f38b7457ea082250c2a1bfef26b7e738535370
Showing with 145 additions and 145 deletions.
  1. +145 −145 tools/metrics/histograms/histograms.xml

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