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Iridium (IRD)

The most advanced, private and fair cryptocurrency.


  1. Iridium-IRD-Core Iridium-IRD-Core Public

    Forked from ellyptic/iridium

    Iridium cryptocurrency (IRD) core

    C++ 16 10

  2. Iridium-IRD-wallet Iridium-IRD-wallet Public

    Iridium desktop wallet

    C++ 13 7

  3. Iridium-IRD-Blockchain-Explorer Iridium-IRD-Blockchain-Explorer Public

    Iridium blockchain, network and pools explorer

    JavaScript 3 3

  4. Iridium-IRD-Java-API Iridium-IRD-Java-API Public

    Forked from danielclasen/iridium-java-api

    Java wrapper for the Iridium Walletd json rpc API

    Java 4 1

  5. Iridium-IRD-Woocommerce-Plugin Iridium-IRD-Woocommerce-Plugin Public

    Forked from steevebrush/iridium-woocommerce

    Iridium wooCommerce Plugin for Wordpress

    PHP 2 1

  6. Iridium-IRD-Webwallet-core Iridium-IRD-Webwallet-core Public

    Iridium online wallet for mobile and desktop

    Go 3 1


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