Iridium blockchain, network and pools explorer
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iridium block explorer (IRD)

This is the iridium block explorer, network status and pool lists.

The online version is available here :

Spawn a local webserver or use docker :

docker run -p 8082:80 -v ird-explorer:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro --name ird-explorer nginx:latest

Then open http://localhost:8082

To develop locally : You have to allow CORS (Cross origin ressource sharing) in your browser

New block explorer

task list

  • homepage

    • network stats
    • total emission with percentage
    • total transactions
    • show tx in mempool
    • tx in mempool detail
    • show last found blocks
    • price in usd/eur/btc
    • small difficulty graph for last 31 blocks
    • search field for blk or tx
    • search by payment ID
    • add nodes status/versions
    • remove url variable
  • blockchain

    • search field
    • search by payment ID
    • last 31 blocks list
    • load more
    • next/previous page
  • block detail

    • show block detail
    • modal window
    • next/previous block
  • tx detail

    • show tx detail
    • modal window
  • pools

    • pools list
    • overall stats
    • country flags
    • country hover link
    • order by hashrate/miners...
    • map of pools (geoip)
  • stats

    • Difficulty graph
    • emission graph vs theorical
    • tx graphs
    • "Zawy" look graph
  • world map