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package main
import (
func main() {
app := iris.New()
app.RegisterView(iris.HTML("./templates", ".html"))
// Serve the upload_form.html to the client.
app.Get("/upload", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// create a token (optionally).
now := time.Now().Unix()
h := md5.New()
io.WriteString(h, strconv.FormatInt(now, 10))
token := fmt.Sprintf("%x", h.Sum(nil))
// render the form with the token for any use you'd like.
ctx.View("upload_form.html", token)
// Handle the post request from the upload_form.html to the server.
app.Post("/upload", func(ctx iris.Context) {
// UploadFormFiles
// uploads any number of incoming files (multiple property on the form input).
// second argument is totally optionally,
// it can be used to change a file's name based on the request,
// at this example we will showcase how to use it
// by prefixing the uploaded file with the current user's ip.
ctx.UploadFormFiles("./uploads", beforeSave)
// start the server at http://localhost:8080 with post limit at 32 MB.
app.Run(iris.Addr(":8080"), iris.WithPostMaxMemory(32<<20))
func beforeSave(ctx iris.Context, file *multipart.FileHeader) {
ip := ctx.RemoteAddr()
// make sure you format the ip in a way
// that can be used for a file name (simple case):
ip = strings.Replace(ip, ".", "_", -1)
ip = strings.Replace(ip, ":", "_", -1)
// you can use the time.Now, to prefix or suffix the files
// based on the current time as well, as an exercise.
// i.e unixTime := time.Now().Unix()
// prefix the Filename with the $IP-
// no need for more actions, internal uploader will use this
// name to save the file into the "./uploads" folder.
file.Filename = ip + "-" + file.Filename