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Fractals and Python

Repository of the presentation * Painting the chaos with Python * for PyCon Colombia 2018. This contains multiple examples for the generation of fractals, the code is from different authors and some of its own, This is just a basic guide, feel free to modify, add and add new examples to the reposotorio

The Python version is:

Python 3.6.0 of the installation of Anaconda 4.3.1

Previous Definitions

  • tdemo_###: Example code for the Python suite
  • size, side, length: It is the number of pixels from one side of the fractal
  • level, order, profundidad, iterations: number of times a recursive call of a function is made
  • langle, rangle: left angle, right angle
  • For L-System:
    • Alphabet: consists of the valid characters that can be included
    • axiom: statement describing the initial state of the system.
    • target: characters that can be replace
    • replace: it apply rules to replace the axiom and then applied recursively

Deterministic fractals

  • Tree fractal
  • Barnsley
  • set Cantor
  • dragon fractal and JPdragon
  • Hilbert curve
  • Snowflake of koch
  • Sierpinski fractal

Stochastic Fractals

  • Folder Sierpinski: different implementations of the Sierpinski fractal
  • Folder Julia: different implementations of the Julia fractal
  • Folder Mandelbrot: different implementations of the Mandelbrot fractal
  • Folder examples_Ludger_Sandig: code for free software Apollon, for generate Apollonian Gaskets