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-There is an unsophisticated Makefile with targets _compile_ and _install_.
-In order to compile and install this module you might have to edit the Makefile and change one or more of _COUCH\_ROOT_, _\_COUCHDB\_ERLANG\_LIB_, _COUCHDB\_LOCALD_ and _COUCHDB\_INIT\_SCRIPT_ values to point to the appropriate directories and file within your couchdb installation.
+Use Build CouchDB:
+ rake plugin='git:// origin/master'
-You need to:
-* Copy the beam files to somewhere where couch can find it. That location could be something like couchdb/erlang/lib/couch-1.2/ebin/ depending on where/how you've installed couch.
+Build CouchDB performed the installation already.
-* Create a [Facebook app](See
+Next, create a [Facebook app](
-You'll need to add an ini file or ini entries in couch config to use this module.
- [httpd_global_handlers]
- _fb = {fb_auth, handle_fb_req}
- [fb]
- client_id=1234567890
- store_access_token=true
- redirect_uri=
- client_secret=1234567890ABCDEF123456789
- client_app_uri=
+See the Futon configuration section, under the `fb` section.
This is the couch location for the code that redirects the user to Facebook.

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