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IE - 'wrap_meth.inner_method' is null or not an object #2

maxymshg opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I tried to use your library and found issue in IE8. As I understand this issue is the same as described here

It would be great if this library will work independent from browser engine.


+1 experiencing the same issue


I also saw this issue. I was able to resolve it by updating the following line in bigdecimal.js:

        return wrap_meth.inner_method.apply(this, [args]);


        var m = wrap_meth.inner_method ? wrap_meth.inner_method : arguments.callee.inner_method;
        return m.apply(this, [args]);

@ahansen1 You should fork, apply the fix, and send a pull request to the @iriscouch


A couple years ago the fix for this was merged into master. There hasn't been an official release since then. @iriscouch or @jhs is there any chance we could get a new tagged release? This issue could probably be closed then as well.

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