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0.20 not working with ender #6

stephenhandley opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Requires are failing for me using ender and 0.20

request = require('browser-request');
request = require('request')

failing with
Ender Error: Requested module 'browser-request' has not been defined.
Ender Error: Requested module 'request' has not been defined.

here's my ender build header


  • =============================================================
  • Ender: open module JavaScript framework (
  • Build: ender build underscore backbone qwery bonzo bean domready bowser ender-bootstrap ender-json browser-request morpheus traversty upload littering hamljs
  • ============================================================= */
jhs commented

Hi. Sorry, but Ender is not supported. I was excited about it but it has major issues with building and testing. The project seems abandoned. I will probably remove support for it in the next build. Sorry for the confusion.

I recommend node-browserify instead. It's the same thing but well-supported, with a strong community.

@jhs jhs closed this
@jhs jhs reopened this
jhs commented

Well, Ender just released a new version today. So I guess I spoke too soon. I reopened this ticket and I will try to add support for Ender ASAP.

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