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@@ -177,16 +177,13 @@ For example, to build with Erlang R13B04 release:
Add a `git` parameter with the repository URL, then a space, then the branch,
tag, or commit hash. (Remember to quote all of those so Rake sees the space.)
-Want to build [GeoCouch][geocouch]? No problem.
- rake git="git:// geocouch"
### CouchDB Plugins
Any CouchDB plugin can be loaded remotely from Git, built, and installed
into the final CouchDB system.
- rake plugin="git:// origin/gc-separate"
+ rake plugin="git:// origin/couchdb_1.2.x"
+ # (Or perhaps origin/couchdb_1.1.x)
Multiple plugins can be processed together:
@@ -201,17 +198,13 @@ Add an `install` parameter to place the final couchdb binaries anywhere.
Build CouchDB makes it simple to install several couchdb versions side-by-side.
- rake git="git:// geocouch" install=geocouch
+ rake install=stable
rake git="git:// trunk" install=trunk
for tag in 1.0.1 11.0 11.1; do
rake git="git:// tags/$tag" install=$tag
-Note that `install` needs to be an absolute path. Use:
- `pwd`/geocouch
-e.g. creates the directory `geocouch` in your current directory.
+Note that `install` needs to be an absolute path.
For **side-by-side installs** there is a small shortcut to avoid rebuilding Erlang:
use the `couchdb_build` variable instead, which will install CouchDB separately
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