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Notes about Solaris 11

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@@ -70,13 +70,20 @@ On **Scientific Linux**
On **Solaris**
-This build only supports the OpenCSW toolchain. If you do not use OpenCSW, I
-wish you the best. If you have success, let me know!
+This tool only supports the OpenCSW toolchain. If you have success with other
+tools, let me know!
-The SunStudio tools are required:
+The [Solaris Studio][ss] (formerly SunStudio) tools are required. On Solaris 10, it's easy.
sudo pkg install ss-dev
+On Solaris 11, go to the [Solaris Studio download page][ss-download] and get the
+**Package Installer** file you need. Copy it to your Solaris machine and follow
+the [Solaris Studio installation instructions][ss-install], something like this:
+ bzcat SolarisStudio12.2-*.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -
+ cd SolarisStudio-12.2-*-pkg-ML
Also, OpenCSW packages are needed.
pkgadd -d # Answer all questions affirmatively
@@ -266,4 +273,8 @@ The output will look similar to this:
In the CouchDB source, paste the above code after running `./bootstrap`. Next, you can run `make` or `make dev`, or anything.
vim: tw=80
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