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Install multiple versions side-by-side #6

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Attempt to install multiple versions of CouchDB.

Command used:
rake git="git:// tags/0.10.0" \
install=/path/to/couchdb/dependencies \

Failed with "rake aborted!" Here is the result rake.log:
Operating system: Ubuntu 10.04

Iris Couch member

Hi! I think the error begins at line 1172:

Despite the documentation, I do not actually recall ever building CouchDB version 0.10. It is possible that the included Javascript is incompatible.

If you clean and rebuild everything except using tags/0.11.0 does it complete successfully?

If so, I will add an older Spidermonkey for older builds. Thanks!


Tried with tags 0.11.2 and upward and everything works just fine, however tag 0.11.0 failed also. Thanks for the hint.
I think the issue is now resolved, the problem seems with older versions of CouchDB only.

@tivolix tivolix closed this
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