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CouchDB Docs

This repo include DocBook source for Apache CouchDB API docs and release guides.


In order to build the documentation you need the following Perl modules installed:

  • Carp
  • File::Basename
  • Getopt::Long
  • IO::File
  • Module::Load;
  • Module::Util
  • XML::Parser::PerlSAX
  • Image::Info
  • DateTime

To use the publishing system, you need the following Perl modules:

  • Archive::Zip
  • Cwd
  • File::Rsync

On Ubuntu, install these packages:

$ [sudo] apt-get install perl-base perl-modules libmodule-util-perl libxml-perl libimage-info-perl libdatetime-perl
$ [sudo] apt-get install libarchive-zip-perl libfile-rsync-perl

Or use the CPAN tool directly:

$ [sudo] cpan -i Carp File::Basename IO:File Module::Load Module::Util XML::Parser::PerlSAX Image::Info Archive::Zip Cwd File::Rsync DateTime

Format Requirements

To actually build the target formats and assemble the documentation, you also need:

On Ubuntu, install these packages:

$ [sudo] apt-get install xsltproc fop zip make


You can build all of the available documentation (in the respective formats) from the top level of the repository using:

$ make everything

If you want to make a specific document (in all formats), change to the directory and make everything:

$ cd couchdb-manual/
$ make everything

To make a specific format for a specific document, change to the directory and specify the target. For example, to make a PDF of the couchbase-api document:

$ cd couchdb-manual
$ make couchbase-api.pdf


Publishing of the documentation creates and assembles the correct documentation and bundles ready for distribution/download.

Then, from the top level of the main CouchDocs repo:

$ make publish

The process also creates an index file (index.html), and copies the configured documents into the directory specified in the Makefile (PUBLISH_DIR)


Creative Commons 3.0.

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