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xMinLocations = []; %Empty list for storing locations along line and parameters d, j
load('Data.mat'); %Load stored data to reevaluate automatically
A = Data;
d = A(:,1);
j = A(:,2);
for i = 1:90 %length of your data, can use numel(j) or numel(d)
model = mphload('MyModel.mph');%load model
model.param.set('j0',j(i));%set j value
model.param.set('d',d(i)); %set d value'std1').run; %run study
model.result('pg6').run(); %run plot
model.result.export('plot4').run; %export plot data
B = importdata('PlotData.txt', ' '); %import data
TF = isempty(B); % Ensure plot is not empty
dn = num2str(d(i)); %For printing error message if plot is empty
if (TF == 1)
ms =['Plot is empty for ',dn];
x = B(:,1); %separate column x
Y = B(:,2);%separate column Y
[TF1,P] = islocalmin(Y, 'MinProminence',0.99); %find local min with prominence of 0.99
xall = x(TF1); % Store all minima in xall
xmin = unique(xall); % Store for unique values of x
disp(dn); % display parameter d
disp(xmin); % display unique values of locations x
plot(x,Y,x(TF1),Y(TF1), 'r*') %plot minima for check
axis tight;
for idx=1:numel(xmin)
xMinLocations(end+1,:)=[d(i),j(i),xmin(idx)]; %add delta and j value to list
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