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Betanet gentx files


You must have follow this doc to install the mainnet version of Iris.

Step 1: Create your own account

First you need to create a account as the corresponding validator operator for yourself, you should use the address for claiming testnet rewards

Step 2: Initialize your node

Initialize your node with chain-id=irishub. Please note that your monniker could be customized.

iris init --home={path_to_iris_home} --chain-id=irishub --moniker={node-name}

This command will create the genesis& config files in the home directory.

Step 3: Execute gentx command

iris gentx --amount=XXXiris --home={path_to_iris_home} --name={key_name} --ip={sentry_node_ip}

This commond will generate the transaction in the directory:{path_to_iris_home}/config/gentx Create the CreateValidator transaction and sign the transaction by the validator operator account you just created The default commission data is:

  • delegation amount: XXXiris
  • commission rate: 0.1
  • commission max rate: 0.2
  • commission max change rate: 0.01

You could also change these metrics.

Please note the amount is what you want to self-delegate, this amount could not be bigger than your balance in genesis file

  • For those of you who have received testnet reward, please make your self bond amount less or equal to your reward amount (reward points * 100) when creating your gentx file.
  • For those who don’t have testnet rewards, but have other sources of iris tokens either as private sale participants or community collaborators, please make your self bond amount equal to 100 when creating your gentx file.
  • We’ll distribute testnet reward balance (if not fully self-bonded) immediately after betanet launch; we’ll also distribute private sale tokens based on associated terms and conditions.

IP is your sentry node's public IP

Note: Please keep a backup of node_key.json&private_key.json

Notes on booting your sentry node: please make sure you have replaced the node_key.json in your sentry's {irishom}/config with the one that you used for gentx operation

Step 4: Sumbit your gentx.json

Save your gentx file as [github-user-name]-[keybase fingerprint].json, For example,GitHub user irisnetvalidator, its keybase fingerprint is 6763B2C7947A9363. Its submission should be 'irisnetvalidator-6763B2C7947A9363.json'. How. to use keybase:

Submit your json file to by creating a pull request.

After the team has verified all the gen-tx transactions, we will publish the final genesis file.

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