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IRIS Foundation New Validator jumpStart (NVS) Program

To encourage building a more decentralized network, IRIS Foundation would like to support up to 50 new Validators to join IRIS Hub through providing 100 initial IRIS tokens to start. After the new validator successfully joined network. There would be another 300 IRIS tokens to this validator account.

NVS is only a start to welcome validators to join the network, there is also a program in planning for Foundation to delegate Foundation's token to excellent validators in the community. Please stay tuned.

To be qualified, you have to meet one of following conditions:

  1. Proof you are experienced POS validators with more than 3 month history of performing validating service on one of following network: Cosmos/Tezos/Polkadot/IRIS testnets etc


  1. With a github id with more than 1 year history and demostrated sufficient blockchain technology involvement.

To join NVS, please submit a PR under with your node address on IRISnet as well as your backgrounds/qualifications. This is also a good way to let community know your validator node, and might consider your validation service in future.

Please join IRIS Validator community at Riot: QQ (In Chinese): 834063323 to learn more

Happy validating and lets build a secured and decentralized network together!

IRIS Foundation

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