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IRISnet Public Token Addresses

Tokens with Locking Terms

Locking is counted from March 1st, 2019 when IRISnet was launched

Core Dev (Bianjie): 15%, 300,000,000. Reserved for the Bianjie team, with a four-year vesting period. Some tokens at this address have been delegated to secure the network; Balance + Delegated makes the total of 15%.

Core Dev (Tendermint): 10%, 200,000,000. Reserved for the Tendermint team, with a two-year vesting period.

IRIS Foundation: 15%, 300,000,000. Reserved to support operations of the Foundation, the current plan is to keep yearly spending below 30,000,000. Furthermore, the Foundation is committed to locking this account for the first six months after the mainnet launch.

Cosmos Hub Airdrop: 5%, 100,000,000. Reserved for a special Cosmos Hub airdrop that will be used for staking purpose only.

Private Sale: Initial value is 500,000,000 which is 25%. Private-sale pariticipants have different locking terms:

  • 6% locked for 6 months followed by 12-month linear release;
  • 4% locked for 9 months followed by 6-month linear release;
  • 1% locked for 4 months;
  • 10% locked for 2 months;
  • 2% locked for 1 month;
  • 2% without locking.

The current balance of this account is smaller than the purported amount of locked tokens, the reason being that some of the locked tokens have been moved to (and locked at) special proxy accounts for staking purposes, which is arranged through the VIL Program.

Tokens Reserved for Ecosystem Development

Main Address

Delegator Address

Delegation Withdraw Address

Check the initial token distribution defined in the whitepaper

More to come...

IRIS Foundation

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